Wikly 1.1 is now available to download!

148apps.com 4-star-review

The last week has been great for Wikly. We received a 4 /5 star review from 148apps.com:

“Wikly is elegantly designed for that specific someone that enjoys a simple, aesthetically pleasing interface and a weekly, time table view of their schedule.” – Kevin Stout, 148apps.com

Wikly 1.1 is approved!

It’s really awesome to see Wikly receiving so much love from everybody. Today, version 1.1 of the app has just been approved by Apple. The full release note is below:

Hi everybody,

Version 1.1 of Wikly is now available for download. We have been listening to your requests, and many of you want to create your own color scheme in Wikly. Guess what, you request is granted!

In this version, in addition to the 20 default color schemes, you can choose to create your very own color schemes. As many as you want. The only limit is your imagination.

We also understand that it is a pain in the b*tt to manually taking screenshot of your Wikly schedule (Home + Power button, anyone?) then send it to your friend via email. You can now do all of that with just one tap. Easy peasy.

Finally, we squashed some more minor bugs in this release. We. Hate. Bugs. Let us know if you spot them. We’ll squash them. Promise.

That’s pretty much it for this update. Thank you all for your <3 for Wikly, please keep them coming!

Not A Basement Studio

The color contest

To celebrate the launch of Wikly 1.1, we are holding a contest for you guys to showcase your creativity and win attractive iTunes gift cards!

So head over to wikly.me, read the official contest rules, and use Wikly’s new features to create a color schemes that you would be proud to show off, then use the in-app “Share your week” to submit your creation to wikly@notabasement.com (don’t forget to include the name of your color scheme!).

Dowload Wikly
Read the official color contest rules
Read Wikly’s 148apps.com review



5 thoughts on “Wikly 1.1 is now available to download!

  1. When i first saw this app it looked really interesting, and i wanted to try it out. But i was really disappointed to find out that the app was only for ipad. If possible, please make a wikly app for ipod and iphone!

  2. I downloaded your app yesterday, and I’m pleased with its funky colorful look, and being able to drag items from the to-do list into the calender is cool. Visually, your app has that certain charm that makes me want to use it.
    However, I think the implementation still has some rough edges which I hope you will look into soon. BTW, I’m running your app on an iPad 2 16 GB Wifi running iOS 5.

    Here are some of the areas I’ve noticed that could use improvement:

    * Scrolling across the timetable horizontally often “stutters” – becomes shaky and non-smooth – particularly if there are lots of colourful rectangles corresponding to calender appointments.

    * I would like to be able to resize rectangles (i.e. appointment durations) by dragging the edges of the rectangle with my finger.

    * When I ran your program in the morning today October 23, 2011, it was still showing “Today” as October 22.

    * I would also like to be able to set the first day of the week as Saturday, because that’s what it is in some countries in the Middle East (including where I am). Why not let the user set the first day of the week to whichever of the seven days he pleases?

    Hope you make your program better with newer releases.. Thanks and good luck!


  3. Sorry, the second point is a mistake on my part.. it’s already possible to resize a rectangle by double clicking on it first.. sorry! (Actually I’d seen this feature yesterday but later forgot about it ;)
    This is a minor point – I hope I don’t seem to be too critical! – but I would prefer smoother resizing (at least 5 mins instead of the current 10 minutes). This would make the resizing feature more useful for people like me who work as teachers and would like to match the bell time exactly.

  4. Many thanks for your feedback, Aki.
    We are continuously improving Wikly so that everyone can have the best app. Hope to have your support and feedback to make it better.

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