what’s in the new fuzel?

The new Fuzel has been submitted to Apple for review, and you have probably seen our new website and all the videos. Today, we’ll talk about some of the new and exciting features and improvements in the  app. Read on!

Brand New Design


As you can see, the new Fuzel was redesigned from the ground up. We wanted to provide a super easy and fun way for you to tell stories, through collages. The new design puts focus on what matters the most, your photos, and makes the tools disappear – they are just there only when you need them. We also realized that the experience of making the collage is just as important as the final artwork itself. Therefore, we work really hard on the small, subtle details that makes Fuzel a total joy to play with – a simple swipe to undo/compare different versions of your collage (read more below). In the end, we believe the new Fuzel is a much more fluid and empowering collage making experience.


With this new feature, you don’t have to worry about which layouts to use – just pick the photos you want, Fuzel will automatically decide the layouts! A convenient “Shuffle” button will let you discover other fun, unique layouts in one tap. Best of all, your and your friend’s faces will be positioned nicely within the individual frame, thanks to the new “Face Detection” technology. You can now make a fun, beautiful collage in just seconds.

Customize Layouts

One of the most loved features in the old Fuzel was that you can “Cut” your very own layouts. You guys just blew us away with your creativity your amazing layouts. The new Fuzel brings layout customization to a whole new level with the new “Merge” tool: frames can now be combined in just one swipe! We can’t wait to see all the crazy and fun layouts that you will create.

Photos Picker


We have streamlined they way you add photos: when tapping on an empty photo frame, instead of having to decide between the Photos Picker and the Camera, the new Fuzel takes you straight to the Photos Picker. Here you can immediately pick the photos in your Camera Roll, or swipe left to access the Camera, or swipe right for other photo sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Flickr (New!), and Google Image Search.

Decoration Items & Store

Fuzel provides a tons of options to decorate your collages with: stickers (New!), Labels, Patterns, Frames. With the many default items in the new Fuzel in additions to the hundreds of new items from the Fuzel Store, there are endless possibilities to make your collage uniquely yours!


As we have said, we wanted to provide a fun and easy way to make collage. The new Undo/Redo tool lets you easily revert changes to your collage anywhere in the collage with a simple flick. You will no longer be afraid of mistakes, instead just have fun and discover new, creative way to tell your stories.



There are even more sharing options this time around, you can save your completed collage to your Photos, or share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr (New!), email, or other apps.

Better Performance

Not only the app was redesigned, it was completely rewritten from scratch. We took advantage of all the newest APIs from the iOS 7 SDK to implement many new features: Face Detection, better photo filters, as well as making it run much faster, and 64-bit compatible for the new iPhone 5S. However, it’s worth pointing out that the app will only be downloadable for devices running iOS 7.0 and above (which isn’t an issue, we believe, since most of you have already updated to iOS 7 from day 1).

When will it be available?

All of the features mentioned above are only a small part of the new Fuzel experience. We can’t wait for you guys to actually try it out yourself. The app is still being reviewed by Apple, and expected to hit store in the next week or two. So stay tuned, and have a great weekend, everyone!

The NAB Team



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