We’re giving away 10 copies of Wikly for FREE!

In celebration of Wikly’s launch, we are giving away 10 copies of the apps.


Simply follow @wiklyapp and RT “#giveaway: follow @wiklyapp and RT this to have a chance to #win one of 10 copies of @wiklyapp for iPad for #free http://t.co/QddVt6o”

We will randomly choose ten lucky participants to receive the prizes.


We will be updating this post with the name of the winners. The winners themselves will also be notified via Twitter that they have won.

Wikly’s winner 1: chibi_Luffy
Wikly’s winner 2: CarloTombo
Wikly’s winner 3: hangloon
Wikly’s winner 4: phamthaiide
Wikly’s winner 5: KIKO4LIFE
Wikly’s winner 6: N4RD
Wikly’s winner 7: Sparh4wk
Wikly’s winner 8: KnightBaron
Wikly’s winner 9: budweiser45
Wikly’s winner 10: misc

Winners: We have DM’d you guys your promo code. Have a happy Wik! Don’t forget to tell your friends and followers about Wikly ;)

Hope you guys like the app. Now, get tweeting!




4 thoughts on “We’re giving away 10 copies of Wikly for FREE!

  1. Thought about releasing an iPhone version?

    I would love to use a calendar, but damn I hate those complicated ones… I keep tabs on a notebook, but I would like to use a calendar and wikly sounds perfect to me.

    But I don’t feel like buying an iPad for a calendar app…

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