We have submitted MR MF 2.0 for review!

As promised, we jumped right into Manga Rock MF after submitting Manga Rock 2.0. Now, Manga Rock MF 2.0 is finished and has been submitted to Apple for reviewed!

Full change log:

1. Performance: Now you will be having fantastic time browsing manga! We worked hard to refine bits and pieces of MR MF 2.0, so that you will surf our manga library at great ease. Get ready to be amazed!

2. Five concurrent downloads: Same as with MR 2.0, you will be able to download up to 5 chapters fast and simultaneously! The downloading works in the background, so your screen is not gonna be blocked with links. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

3. Upgraded Manga Viewer: enjoy swiping chapters back and forth as smoothly as silk, coz’ we made it a sheer pleasure at the tip of your fingers!

4. Consistently with MR 2.0, MR MF 2.0 also has chapters displayed in descending order. Tap once “Download all” and here you go!

5. The “Info” tap has been modified to bridge us closer! Now you will be able to read the latest “News”, or send us a “Support” email right within the app. We have also added badges for both the “Info” tab and the application itself.

NOTES: The same notice as with MR 2.0, we have tried our best to keep your Favorite and Downloaded manga (moved to Archived). Though we can’t keep your old Recent, it won’t spoil the day,  because we have another thing in place for you: like MR 2.0, we have moved MR Mf 2.0 to a newer server so that you can get updates way faster than ever!

Okay, finally let me send to each of you a big THANK-YOU. Your support for us cleared all the way for MR and MR MF to come along. It’s you guys who make MR rock!



5 thoughts on “We have submitted MR MF 2.0 for review!

  1. hi i use manga rock mf on my ipod touch a few weeks ago i guess you had a server issue and ever since on some of the mangas the chapters would repeat and on some chappters the pages repeat… is there a way to fix this

  2. Latest chapters of bleach & naruto can’t be downloaded. Even thought the chapters are shown available for download.

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