We have just submitted Manga Rock 2.0!

Ahh, the long overdue update for Manga Rock original! It has finally been submitted. We’re calling it Manga Rock version 2.0! It’s that good! Video and screenshots will be released later, for now, you can check out our changelog!
MR 2.0 Changelog

For version 2.0, we are bringing the sexy back to Manga Rock! We have worked really hard to make the manga reading experience on Manga Rock even better in this HUGE update. A whole bunch of new features were added, many annoying bugs were squashed, so the app just feel much more solid now. Manga Rock is now a completely different beast.

1. PERFORMANCE! Many parts of the app have been significantly finetuned, making it much more stable and zippier! You will see HUGE difference when populating the manga library for the first time.

2. CATEGORIES! First seen on Manga Rock MF, now you can also look for your favorite martial arts or romance manga effortlessly.

3. PULL-TO-REFRESH. No more relaunching the app to receive updates. Just pull the catalog, and release! Poof! Updates! Magic!

4. MORE SOCIAL! Tell My Friend now includes Twitter.

5. FIVE CONCURRENT DOWNLOADS! Yes, you heard that right, we have successfully ported the famed manga download manager from Manga Rock Unity into the palm of your hand. Manga Rock now support up to 5 chapter downloading simultaneously. It even works in the background. Oh, get ready to be surprised at the downloading speed!

6. UPGRADED MANGA VIEWER. You can now swipe to next or previous chapter, making the reading experience much more fluid.

7. We did some minor UI changes to the manga chapter list. Chapters are now displayed in descending order. You can now “Download All” of the chapters with just one tap. You’re very welcome!

8. We have modified the “Info” tab to make it much more usable. Now you will be able to read the latest “News”, or send us a “Support” email right within the app. We have also added badges for both the “Info” tab and the application itself.

NOTES: As we have changed Manga Rock substantially, normally that would mean that you would lose all of your favorite, recent and downloaded manga. But we are nice, so we have worked even harder so that you still have Favorite and Downloaded manga (moved to Archived). Unfortunately, we can’t keep your old Recent, so do keep an eye on that. Also, we have migrated to a newer, much faster server so that you can receive updates way faster than ever!

Again, thank you everyone for your awesome support, without you, there wouldn’t be Manga Rock!



8 thoughts on “We have just submitted Manga Rock 2.0!

  1. Hey guys.

    I love the work you all do, And im sure the thousands of other MangaRock users do to, The quality of the app (MF) is superb, and well worth the price, But what I do ask may seem…Strange I know, But I honestly think you should charge at least £3 for the app, or find some way of making more money, which is needed for these updates, im sure.

    Although, money isnt everything, you guys care for us, so im sure people would not mind taking a tiny, insignificant wallet hit for your sakes.

    Keep upthe fantastic work.

    And possibly, make a universal MangaRock app for the iPhone? ;O

  2. Very glad to hear there will finally be a new update, but by moving favourites and downloads to this ‘archive’, will i still be able to read what i already downloaded before without having to download it again?

  3. Ian, you don’t have to redownload what was downloaded before. There’s a catch though, since we have changed the app’s internal structure quite a bit, in order to keep your downloaded manga, they have all been transferred to a new section called “Archived”. New download will work normally like before.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I love manga rock so much, so i am very, very pleased that you awesome people have done such a massive upgrade to it! I am looking forward to seeing this new version on my iPod :)
    Thank you again, you guys are just absolutely wonderful XD

  5. Is there anyway you can make MR, and MR MF, take less memory? There is another one I use as well, and when I download the same series, they both use MF, the other used less memory but had the same quality. The comparison was done with MR MF and Manga BDR

  6. so when i was looking at the manga rock app on your website it said that all the titles “were not applicable to users within the us”
    ..does that mean i really cant read all the manga on mangable, and why?

  7. Manga Rock is awesome!
    When will v 2.0 be available in the Appstore?
    It’s already more than a week since you have submitted MR.

  8. Any updates on when this update will be coming out? I mean, mr mf’s update was submitted later but is already available :/

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