We have a “little” something for everyone

Today, we proudly present to you guys a little surprise we call “Manga Rock MF”.

Yep, you heard it right, it is the same Manga Rock that everyone has come to love, now with a much larger manga library coming from MangaFox.com, and other awesome enhancement such as an intuitive categories filter, a smarter and extremely powerful manga viewer. How powerful is it? So powerful that it can handle a chapter that has more than 1600 pages with no problem whatsoever, namely the manga “Dark green” chapter 2. None of the other apps can do this, you can see it for yourself.

Other features include:

  • An intuitive manga categories filter
  • Unlimited number of manga download
  • Social manga! – share your thought using Facebook, Twitter, or email right in the app
  • A whole new look
  • A huge speed boost for the catalog population process
  • A large enhancement to the app stability
  • Support iOS 4 and iPhone 4′s Retina Display
  • Fully backward compatible with iOS 3
  • And last but not least, it’s still FREE!

You guys can take a look at the screenshots below,  UPDATE: be one of the first to get Manga Rock MF, register here!

Manga Rock MF 1.0 has already been submitted to Apple for approval. We understand that many of the existing owners of the original Manga Fox would definitely want to have Manga Rock MF  to enjoy the vast number of manga on MangaFox.com, therefore we will have a launch promo for Manga Rock MF, the in-app unlock is at $0.99 instead of the usual price during the first 3 launch days. For more info regarding Manga Rock MF, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or this blog. Have a good day, everyone!

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52 thoughts on “We have a “little” something for everyone

  1. Will this have the ability to not turn sideways? My neck is hurting from not being able to lie down and read. I’m actuly considering buying the full version if you allow it not to turn that way even though buying lets me lock…

  2. Hello
    Nice guys
    But what about us? Current MangaRock users .. Can we have it for free or should we buy it too?


  3. Hi Migi,

    Regarding your question, we have both portrait and landscape mode support in our viewer. In the full version, upon unlock you will even be able to lock the screen from rotating when reading sideways. We hope that helps answer your question.


  4. @Tankid and Uppfinnarn:

    Manga Rock MF has more enhancements and features compare to the existing Manga Rock app, however, we understand that existing Manga Rock users would like to get this app too in order to read manga from MangaFox.com.

    Therefore, Manga Rock MF will be discounted at only $0.99 during the first 3 launch days.


  5. @hieu.tran:
    “Therefore, Manga Rock MF will be discounted at only $0.99 during the first 3 launch days.”

    And last but not least, it’s still FREE! ????

  6. @Sparhawk:

    My bad, what I mean is the app is still a free app, while the in-app purchase will be discounted at only $0.99 instead of the usual price. Thank you for pointing that out :)

  7. So we have to rebuy the unlock? How about the users that already bought the in-app unlock like myself since 1.1

  8. Hay is there any way to get on a notification list so that you can email us when manga rock mf comes out?
    If so please add my email to the list.

  9. Hi,
    I heard mangafox doesn’t have bleach or naruto mangas…so does that mean Manga Rock MF won’t either? I hope not.

  10. I think it’s a bit rubbish that people that paid $2.99 for this app previously have to pay for it again. You yourself said that it was good but not enough. For $3 we expected it to be enough and now we have to pay more?

  11. I just updated the mangarock app but it’s not unlocked anymore (I did purchase it like a month ago). When I try to unlock it it connects me to the AppStore and asks for money once again. Please tell me what to do cause I don’t really feel like paying for the app twice.

  12. Don’t bother manga lovers, just get Manga DL, it is now supporting downloading from THREE sites(incl MangaFox), and it does not ask you to PAY MORE everytime a new site is added.

  13. We do not know yet, as manga like Naruto is licensed in the US by Viz Media, therefore no matter what the source is, we won’t be able to have it in the app.

  14. Hi Isak,

    Did you happen to delete/reinstall it before you update the app? If you did then the app will not remember its unlocked state. But you can just proceed to unlocking as before by typing in your iTunes password and it will tell you that you have purchased it before, so you can download again for Free. You will not be charged again.

  15. @Minh: I think Manga DL is a good app. Better than the rest of the manga app. But it does have limitations:

    1. You can’t have more than 10 chapters in the download queues. For Manga Rock, it is unlimited download queue.
    2. You have to add a chapter to download in other to read it. You can’t read something that is not in the download queue. Not for Manga Rock.
    3. The UI layout is bad.
    4. Manga DL is a paid app. You don’t get anything until you pay for it. Manga Rock is a free app that allows you to read all the available manga in the catalog, the in-app purchase is optional.

    But again, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Manga DL is a bad app, all app has its short coming somewhere, but you are welcome to try out Manga Rock, since it is FREE ;)

  16. SO i bought the full version and it was great! but then I updated, and now I don’t have the full version features, it’s saying I have to buy it. And although it’s only 3 dollars, I did already purchase it. If I have to buy it again I’m not going to. How can I get what I bought????

  17. @animeleigh: Regarding your question, if you by any chance re-install the app or restore the device, the app will ask you to unlock again, and you will need to proceed by entering your iTunes password but be reassured that no extra amount will be charged. We hope that helps.

  18. @hieu.tran:

    I cant w8 for MR MF to be released and during the w8ing time I dont feel like downloading any more manga on the original MR at all (I have been following you guys closely since the 1st day MR was released and you guys are awesome). But please let MR MF be released soon enough to ease my hunger for mangas.

    One question: Is MR MF run faster than MR 1.3? In MR 1.3 I see that it runs very slow and the downloading speed is relatively slow compared to b4 (I have ADSL 2+ and I definitely got better speed on MangaDL) hope it is improved in MR MF.

    Suggestion for MR MF: Can you also include an option to have the screen automatically locked in landscape mode just like in MangaDL 1.7? I think it will be better for users

    Also I think there should be an option for like when you want to go to the next page you can tape the screen instead of scrolling down coz in MR 1.3 when I scroll down it’s not very smooth and kind of slow. nothing big but sometime causes frustration. Or better yet you can improve it in MR MF so that when you scroll down it can run smoothly and quickly.

    Thanks again for making this awesome app for manga readers

    BTW are you vietnamese?

  19. MR 1.3 is definitely slow. When I click on a manga series I had to w8 for it to go to the next page and then w8 again for it to load information. Hope it is improved in MR MF

  20. I bought the manga rock app thinking it was the manga fox update, is it possible if i could get a refund cos the manga i want want in this application and it would be a waste of money….

  21. [Well, if i have to pay for this version, even though i already bought the previous version then i guess I'll stick with the Old Manga Rock.. It's not that bad, the new version may be better, but id' rather not pay for it again. But it says that it can handle more, so i think i might buy it anyway since the original version crashed alot, so i couldn't watch the entire manga :( <---- Sad face] <—- Life story XD

  22. @Appleshine: there is a refund function inside iTunes itself that let you refund an app after you have purchased. I believe it is inside the “store” tab.

  23. I had downloaded different Mangas from this site and then lost them when it updated. That really sucks because I didn’t finish all of them. Why didn’t it save them since I had already downloaded them?

  24. We had to delete all of the downloaded contents due to a technical issue we encounter trying to make it switch the source without deleting the contents. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and you can stil re-download them again at no extra cost. Cheers.

  25. Hi Lew, it will be a separate app with the source being MangaFox.com. We have also done various tweaks and enhancements to make the experience better for users.

  26. Will you guys be improving and continuing Manga Rock unlocked version after Manga Rock MF? There are some mangas in the old one that can’t be found on MF.

  27. Does anyone know if Manga Rock will be replaced by MRMF? And will Manga Rock Full Version continue to be supported and updated? While I do not mind paying for MRMF, MRMF does not have all the mangas I wish to read. Thanks!

  28. i think manga rock will be there in about 1-5 days..
    since its send to apple at 28 august.
    i thougt it would take about 2-3 weeks.
    (but still hoping it will be there in 2 hours :D)

    and i’ve got a question here about manga rock.
    im trying to download love in the mask (wich has 59 chapter now)
    i just saw it was updated on MR and it has 29 chapters now.
    but i can only read/download 4 out of 29.

    is it because #5-#33 are missing??

  29. Hey guys I love manga rock and am a big fan. When is the new app going to be out? It’s been a few weeks since you sent it to apple right? Shouldn’t it take only a few days? I am so pumped and I can’t wait. Any news or even idea of when it will be out? It would be great if you could tell me right? Thanks

  30. Wow sorry if I would of scrolled down more I would of seen it was the 17. Thank you guys so much for making this app it is my favorite app. What’s the surprise!! Lol can’t wait

  31. I really appreciate your discount. But will you add the Mangas from MR to the new version. Because I am interested in Hunter x Hunter and it’s not in the new version.

    Thanks for your reply.

  32. @Fraescher: as the two apps use two different sources, we cannot add the manga from MR to MRMF, however, you can always download the original Manga Rock as it is also a free app, and MRMF is having a discount of only $0.99 for unlock, so get it while it’s still on ;)

  33. Heyyy, was wondering if the app allowed background downloading?
    I think it’s kinda frustrating to leave the app on just to allow the chapters.

  34. @Ben: we would love to add that feature in the future, when Apple allows it. For now, they only allows some specific functions to work in the background, and background downloading is not one of them. None of the other manga is allowed to do it right now. I hope that answers your question. Thank you for your understanding.

  35. i did buy MRMF. but when i quit the application then run again.. try to continue the manga.. i go to the download tab then choose the manga chapter it says “unlock version required”. when i click unlock now it says “unable to unlock. Sorry, we can’t unlock the application yet! Please try again”.

    what should i do?

  36. I am having the exact same problem as Gustianto…bought MRMF today but couldn’t unlock it, downloaded MR (the free one) also had the same problem.

    Hope somebody does something about it soon!

  37. guys, you have 2 questions about “unlocking” MRMF.

    You have ignored the questions for months.

    This is very unprofessional for two reasons.

    1. you have the unmotigated balls to charg extra to unlock a PAID application.

    2. You ignored your paying user base.

    This helps piracy, as nobody likes being hoodwinked into buying a hamstrung application and then being ignored when they sincerely ask for help.

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