Version 1.1 of Comic Express is here!


Grab it now at: Comic Express 1.1.

IMPORTANT: right after releasing version 1.0, we had identified a serious bug causing the importing to crash. Many users have also confirmed this problem. To fix it, we have no other choice but to reset the app database in version 1.1. This is to ensure a much more stable application from version 1.1 onward. We are deeply sorry for your inconvenience.










Beside from the bug mentioned above, it has been a wonderful month since the app launched in November 3rd. Thanks all for your support! During this time, we have received many positive feedback, such as:

“Works wonderfully. Can read all the comics I want now” – 5/5 stars rating- Gomared – Canada.

“Only needs Dropbox support and it will be perfect” - 5/5 stars rating - Peter Whitley – Japan.

Also a review from

“Comic Express is a solid, simple, fast and universal comic book reader app for users. Offering quite possibly the most robust organization features in the genre, it falls when it comes to options for loading new content. However, with just a few minor updates, Comic Express could easily become the de facto choice for iOS comic book reader. – 4/5 stars rating.

We can’t be happier. One thing we know for sure: users love Comic Express. Thus, we will work hard to release constant updates for the app, making it truly “the de facto choice” for iOS comic book reader. For version 1.1, we have added organization for comic issues. This feature comes very handy, especially when the auto-import does not sort comic issues accordingly.

Lastly, a little heads up: Comic Express 1.2 will definitely have Dropbox integration. With Dropbox, users can access and import comics anytime and anywhere they want. More on this later, but for now, enjoy reading comics with Comic Express 1.1.





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  1. Hi guys. I just bit the bullet and purchased this app and it’s beautiful–but I really don’t see the point if it doesn’t have cloud support. Happy to hear you’ll be adding Dropbox support, but is there any chance you’ll be adding support as well? I have a 50Gig account there and can put that to much better use.

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