UPDATE: Manga Rock 1.2 is here!

Another update to your beloved Manga Rock! This one (1.2) brings you these following goodness:

- Manga Viewer has been smoothed out (no more hiccups when turning page!)

- Downloading speed has been increased (it’s magic!)

-  And more bugs fixed.

We hope you enjoy this update. This may be our last update to Manga Rock, as you all know what’s happening to OneManga.com recently based on our previous post. However, this does not mean the end for your favorite manga app. We have been receiving tons of emails from you guys expressing your love for Manga Rock and we are REALLY touched. Thank you for your amazing support and we will see what we can do to continue bringing you the best manga reading experience on the iOS platform.

Stay tuned, we will definitely update you with the latest information regarding Manga Rock as well as our other upcoming projects. Again, thank you all!

NOTE: please update your device’s firmware to iOS 4. As we have mentioned before during the 1.1 update, Manga Rock now adds support for Fast App Switching, thus requiring iOS4. The app will NOT work  on iOS 3x!



48 thoughts on “UPDATE: Manga Rock 1.2 is here!

  1. Hi Chatreez,

    Manga Rock 1.1 added support for iOS 4 with feature such as Fast App Switching. Since iPad does not have support for iOS 4 yet, Manga Rock will thus not work. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


  2. There’s a bit of a hiccup when turning pages now. The pages start to shift up and leaves black space above the intrusive ad box (portrait mode).

    Wish the ad box only appeared at the first and last pages of chapters since they take a good chunk of reading real estate.

    Ah well, will wait for the next iteration of the app in whatever form it takes since it still has the best manga reading ui from other apps I’ve tried.

  3. I’ve just updated Manga Rock to version 1.2 and now it crashes on me on start up. I’m using an iPod Touch 2nd Generation with a firmware of 3.1.3. Is there a reason for this?

  4. @Ninako: may I know which firmware is your iPod touch running?
    @Jimmy: Like we have mentioned, Manga Rock, starting from 1.1, added support for iOS 4 with features such as Fast App Switching. It will not run on iOS 3x, please update your device to iOS 4 and try reinstalling Manga Rock again.

  5. hi im using a 3rd gen ipod and i dont plan on updating it to the iOS 4, so r u going to make a new update(downgrade) to switch back? pls?

  6. The Download Speed of Version 1.2 is Amazing… But the Only Thing I Don’t Like is the way the Pages Turn Now…. I keep Flicking it to the next page which annoys me… You think you could try to add a setting in another update to make it the Way you turned pages in Version 1.1? I Like How I Had to reset the Size before you Flip the Page And I Had the the Ability to Flick it around the page without worry … So if your could atleast add That setting I would totally Happy with the App

  7. Ok, so after a few days of failing to get the update and having to reset and delete my entire iPod and finally being able to have everything loaded on it again, it’s asking me to make the inapp purchase again. I did make the purchase before I had to delete everything and such so I was wondering if I have to make the purchase again, or if there is a way I can get the inapp unlock without having to pay again.

  8. @Ninako:

    SInce you restored your iPod and reinstalled Manga Rock, the app will not remember its unlocked state. Just proceed to unlocking it by keying in your iTunes details and confirm, you will be able to unlock it again for free.

    Thank you for your suggestion, we will take it into consideration and may put it in future versions of Manga Rock.

  9. Just wanted to say that I downloaded your app from the appstore, and that it is fantastic !

    I ve been reading scans for years and your apps is the best way to enjoy manga away from home. I hope that you will continue to provide us with updates, and that the end of onemanga.com will not mean the end of mangarock.

    We love you guys, keep up the fantastic work; we’ll keep on supporting you !

    Love from France


  10. I downloaded a few manga and when I restarted my iPhone, all the Bangalore in my ” downloaded” section disappear. Storage says still 1256mb. Do you guys know how to get the manga back

  11. Thank you for your amazing app, I hope that you keep up the hard work and try to keep the app alive in this hard time for manga viewers.

  12. Hi Bao,

    When you reset the app, the listing will be gone, but the images will still be there. You can re-add those downloaded manga from Catalog to download and they will again appear in your downloaded section. It will NOT download again (thus not using up your data plan or wi-fi). We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


  13. Hi Casad,

    Thank you for your support, we will definitely do our best to keep Manga Rock to support manga viewers around the globe. Do help us tell your friends about the app!


  14. Hey I have a locked version of mangarock I downloaded v
    Shortly before the update. I would really love to get the newly updated version but I don’t want to loose the maga I have already downloaded. I think I have some mangas that are no longer avalible (like black butler) and I do not want to loose them. My question is… Will myangas be deleted if I downloa the update? Thanks!

  15. Really wish to see this on the ipad too. Maybe you guys can release a separate version for the ipad. Will definitely buy the app if there is

  16. Hello,

    I have a 1st gen ipod touch and it does not support IOS4. I was able to upgrade my manga rock to 1.2 so it keeps crashing whenever i try to run it (i know its a wrong move but i just clicked the update all over at itunes. Is there a way to get a lower version of manga rock? or when I delete the manga rock app will the downloaded mangas be deleted too?

    Thanks in advance!

  17. Hello! I’m a new, and huge, fan of Manga Rock, and its been working pretty well for me so far. However I restored my phone today and I couldn’t find any of the manga I had downloaded. I actually expected this, but what I did not expect was that I wouldn’t find the manga ANYWHERE. It’s like it completely disappeared from the app, even the ones I had put in my favorite. It’s just distressing that I have this great app, with no manga that I want to read :(

  18. Every time I go on, all the mangas say there complete when the ones I’ve been reading get left off in the middle of some shit. What’s up with that

  19. Hi,

    I have the original Mangarock. I have not yet purchased the full version of the app, as I was waiting to see if certain bugs will be fixed. It seems as if this update will have fixed most of the bugs.

    My question is: If I download this update will I loose the manga I have already downloaded? I have certain mangas that I do not know if I will be able to redownload, such as Black Butler and I would like to keep them.

    Thanks for your reply,

  20. can u please make a version for ipad? its ok even if u charge for it i m sure many manga fan will buy it as its the best app in the whole itune for manga

  21. so…. since the update, i’m unable to use this app on my iphone 3G? that seems a little unfair. how come?

  22. Hi, recently, after I upgraded my phone to version iso4 and downloaded the new version of manga rock, my app manga rock isn’t working properly as all the statuses are shown as completed and there is no update at all

  23. Hi Jacintha,

    That is expected behavior, as you know OneManga has already been closed down, thus there is no more update. However, in version 1.3, we have changed our source and you will once again receive update of manga.

  24. Is your 3G’s firmware iOS 3 or iOS 4? As we have stated above, Manga Rock 1.2 only works for iOS 4 and above. You can get iOS 4 for free using iTunes. If for some reason you want to stay on iOS 3, please wait a few days as we have submitted version 1.3 to Apple for review, which adds backward compatibility to iOS 3.

  25. Hi Lionel,

    Version 1.3 should be iPad compatible when it hits, but it’s not an iPad app yet. We are still trying to iron out the problems with OneManga closing down. However, we do have plan for an iPad-specific app.

  26. If you have already downloaded the manga on to your device, then updating the app will not affect them. However, please check if your device is iOS 4 or not before updating as the current version of Manga Rock only support iOS 4 and above.

  27. That happens because of OneManga’s closure. All series are marked completed, you can still access all of them, but there is no new manga update. We have already submitted a new version to Apple with new manga source that allows you to once again receive weekly manga update.

  28. Hi, it is most likely that the manga you mentioned are Naruto, One Piece and Bleach etc. Recently Viz Media has just requested us to remove all of their titles from Manga Rock. That explained all the missing manga that you were looking for. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  29. We have submitted version 1.3, which adds backward compatibility to iOS 3, and it should be available for download in a few days. When you delete Manga Rock, all downloaded manga will be lost. I suggest you wait a few days for version 1.3 :)

  30. Thank you for the suggestion, we definitely have plan for the iPad, just that in the last few weeks we were trying to iron out the kinks left by OneManga’s closure :)

  31. umm i just found about mangarock and was EXTREMELY excited to try it out. i downloaded the free version but everytime i try to open it, it crashes and spits me out of the app.

    i have a jailbroken iphone, so i thought it might be that, but i tried to do what i found on one of your forms about removing something from cydia but it still does the same thing…
    so i was wondering if u could do anything about that .___.

  32. Lumi, can you tell us which version of iOS you are using? Manga Rock currently only support iOS 4 and above. In the new version, which has already been submitted to Apple for review, it will support iOS 3 also.

  33. Is it possible to make manga rock as manga unity? i saw in the preview picture manga unity has the ability to choose server either mangatraders, mangafox,etc.
    Can you make Manga Rock ang Manga Rock MF as one application? i’m planning to buy the full version, but I’m afraid there will be another iPhone version…i would like to buy manga rock mf full version, but some chapter is not as complete as the one in Manga Rock…

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