The wait is over. Komik Connect is now available on the App Store.

Komik Connect 1.0 is approved today. Not 1.1, but 1.0. What actually happened? “KC” app was taken down by Apple, and we had to re-submit an entirely new app, this time called “Komik Connect”.

If you are one of the few who purchased the in-app for “KC”, please ask Apple for a refund, since “KC” was removed from the App Store. (How to ask for a refund from iTunes?). We sincerely appologize for your inconvenience.

Enough with the explanation for now, Komik Connect 1.0 is available in the App Store, and you can read any manga that you want.

Download it here: Komik Connect – Read any manga and comic you want

Enjoy your favorite manga and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Should you have any questions, feel free to  send us an email.




3 thoughts on “The wait is over. Komik Connect is now available on the App Store.

  1. Great app! All my favorite mangas now in one app.

    However, I wish there was a way to download whole mangas for offline reading. Also I noticed that when reading and scrolling down in landscape mode the pages kinda flies by and I have to carefully stop when the page is centerd or else I see half of one page and half of another.

    Still great app and I look forward to any updates in the future.

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