The wait is … almost over!

After a long wait, we are very happy to announce the official launch date of Manga Rock MF: September 17, 2010 PDT. We will also have a small surprise for everyone, so do check back here at our blog, website, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more info on the launch date. Don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list at to be among the first to get Manga Rock MF.

Mark your calendar, check your Internet connection, have your iPhone/iPod touch in hands, and prepare for some sleepless nights ;)



6 thoughts on “The wait is … almost over!

  1. Nice to see it has finally been approved by Apple. By the way, I was wondering, will it have Viz Media’s mangas for those out of the US like Manga Rock does?

  2. Downloaded the app. Unlocked it. It’s quite nice, I like the fact that now I can find manga that are completed :) However there’s a small problem with reading chapters that are downloading: Some page would never get downloaded and it appears black (as in the whole entire screen including the menu) when I get to those pages :( Can you please tell me if there’s any way I can fix it. It’s quite annoying, like you are reading a book from the library with certain pages toen off by previous readers ._.

  3. It might be due to an instability in your Internet connection, which caused some of the pages to download improperly. Please wait for those affected chapters to finished downloading, then delete them from the downloaded tab, and then re-download them again. It should display those page correctly again :)

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