The best manga reading experience

As we have mentioned in our last post, Manga Rock Unity is in its final stage of development and it will also be the last manga reader from us since we believe that we’re very close to our original goal: bringing the best manga reading experience to users.

Before we started designing Manga Rock Unity, we ask ourselves one question: what is the best manga reading experience? Certainly not the way we read manga on the web browser, loading page by page, or swiping through single images of a manga similar to the photo apps. We think the best manga reading experience boils down to one thing: reading manga on the iPad should feel similar to its original form, the manga book. Having that in mind, we have developed one of the most exciting new features in Manga Rock Unity, and also the first of its kind on the App Store: the book view. Simply put, it’s manga meets iBook!

With the book view, you will once again have the familiar feeling of holding a real manga book in your hands and enjoy manga the way it was drawn. Let’s take a look:

Like what you see? Remember, the book view isn’t the only exciting new features in Manga Rock Unity ( we did not slack off in the last few months :p ). As the name “Unity” suggests, we’re putting everything that we have learnt into Manga Rock Unity. It will change the way you read digital manga. Forever.



4 thoughts on “The best manga reading experience

  1. This is awesome guys! I’m buying an ipad next month, pretty much for manga reading and I was really worried if you guys would support ipad soon. Now I’m quite anxious to get my ipad and start reading manga all day!
    Congratulations and thank you much!

  2. Hey… I just bought manga rocks mf for downloading mangas and have them anytime… I still haven’t updated to 4.2.1 so im wondering when i update I will have to purchase again in-app?? Also is there a way to backup all my downloaded mangas to restore after upgrading the firmware?? Thanks guys.. App is awesome

  3. Mrdoax,

    Upgrading to iOS 4.2.1 should not remove any data and/or program in your device. I’ve done it on my iPad from 3.2 to 4.2 to 4.2.1. Never had any problem with anything missing.

    If you do a restore, that’s a different matter.
    All program and/or data you have would be restored to it’s factory condition. AKA, bye bye data. Afterwards you can basically redownload all your purchased app no charge.

    Is there an ETA, when the app is gonna be out on app store?
    Or is it gonna be up to the mood of the reviewers at apple?

    I’d agree with DonTe, having a mailing list for update when the app is released on the store would be very useful. Saves me the time to check the app store and this page every day.

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