Wikly is available for download today!

Months in development, countless sleepless nights, and finally today we are proud to announce that “Wikly”  is officially available on the App Store


In short: it’s a calendar. We make Wikly with a simple reason: we wanted a simple, colorful and easy to use calendar for the iPad. We hated how most calendars app for the iPad make things so complicated, sometimes it takes us 5-6 steps just to change the date of an appointment. On an iPad. That’s not to mention the generic design of most calendars. We love to look at beautiful things (don’t we all?) The situation’ve got to changed, and that’s where the idea for Wikly come in.


Wikly is a weekly calendar for the iPad. Simple. Colorful. Easy to use.

★★★ $0.99 introductory price. For only one week. Get it now! ★★★

One thing you should know before downloading this app: it’s very simple. That’s the idea when we first developed this app. We wanted a calendar/to-do app for the iPad that doesn’t require us to go through layers and layers of menu just to change the date of an event. We also like to look at beautiful things (don’t we all?), so we think Wikly would be a treat for your eyes.

So a word of warning: if you want something that is “powerful” (read: complicated), there are other apps for that. For a simple, easy to use and gorgeous-looking calendar, download Wikly.

✔ SIMPLE: we want Wikly to be really really really simple. Distinctive touch gestures like tap-and-drag to create events, three-finger-swiping to next week, drag-and-drop events and other small touches made simple possible.

✔ COLORFUL: calendars don’t have to be ugly. That’s why you can easily change the way Wikly look at the press of a button (over 20 color schemes included and more to be added).

✔ USEFUL: we said the app is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. Far from that. Wikly gives you an integrated to-do list, handy for those out-of-no-where tasks, don’t you think?

✔ SYNC: Wikly syncs with the default calendar app on the iPad. If you have Google Calendar set up there, it will work with Wikly too!





To celebrate the launch, Wikly will be available for download at a discounted price of only $0.99 for one week (normal price $4.99). Download it , and we hope you enjoy it .

And yes, we will continue our development for both Manga Rock apps and KC. What’s the point of organizing our schedules with Wikly, and have no time to read manga, right?

Thank you for your amazing support, you guys made it all possible.

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