Manga Rock is on, but we are not quite happy about it

Today I turned on my computer and check, the largest Vietnamese online news site, and I was thrilled to see a post in the “Computer/Technology” section featuring Manga Rock. However, the sweetness quickly turns sour as I started reading through the whole post. This one particular sentence really horrified me:

“Nguyễn Trần Dũng, đại diện cho nhóm phát triển ứng dụng, cho biết Manga Rock là minh chứng cho khả năng của trí tuệ Việt Nam trên lĩnh vực phần mềm không hề thua kém các nước phát triển.” [original Vietnamese version]

“Nguyen Tran Dung, representing the developers, said Manga Rock demonstrates the intellectual ability of Vietnam not inferior to developed countries in the software industry.” [translated version]

Vnexpress kinda misquoted us. What we originally said to them was that “Manga Rock is a very small example, we dare not say it is a success but we’re  proud that it is an app made by Vietnamese and thousands of people around the world are using it”.

We are just 4 average guys, we love technology and the iPhone in particular, we also love manga. We wanted to read manga on our iPhones but couldn’t find any good solution for it, that’s why we made Manga Rock. While developing it, we  decided to put Manga Rock on the App Store realizing that it could be a good app to any manga lovers who have an iPhone.

Never once we forget our studio’s mission “Your problem, our solution, one app at a time”. We love what we do and we will continue to do so.

Original post on can be found here.