Manga Rock Unity – what else is in the box?

Hi guys, as promised, we have two more videos to show you how Manga Rock Unity can deliver the best manga reading experience on the iPad.

This time around, not only have we introduced new features like the Book View, we have also completely revamped everything else in Manga Rock:
- Completely new UI catered for the iPad
- A huge manga library that combined both Mangable and MangaFox
- An even better download manager (how much better? 5 concurrent downloads, unlimited queue, and did we mention that it works in the background too, that’s how much better it is)
- And so many other smaller tweaks that make the iPad your perfect manga companion

Here it is:

Manga Rock Unity will be submitted to Apple on Monday next week, hopefully we can get it out to you guys with no hiccup at all. Do check back here or follow us on Twitter and Facebook as we have more even more juicy news on Manga Rock Unity later!