Manga Rock 2 is on store!

We’ve been very happy to see the anticipation for Manga Rock 2. It’s great to receive so much support from everyone. Today, we’re excited to see you guys read your favorite manga using Manga Rock 2.

You can download Manga Rock 2 for free here!

Remember, we’re having a 3-day launch promo for the in-app purchase: only $0.99 instead of the usual $3.99 price tag. Get it now while offer lasts!

MR2′s Questions and Answers
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Fuzel 1.0.2 update available for download

Hi guys, you can find the official change log for 1.0.2 below:

Thank you for making so many awesome collages. In this update, we have:

• ADDED additional sharing options such as Instagram, Camera+ etc.
• FIXED Facebook Photos import not loading bug.
• TWEAKED high-quality export to be enabled by default.
• TWEAKED photo album to auto slide down for faster access to “+” and “Settings” buttons whenever app is relaunched.

Thank you for supporting Fuzel, without you guys, we couldn’t have made Fuzel what it is today. Follow us for more awesome photo collages created by awesome people like you:
• Facebook:
• Twitter: @FuzelApp
• Instagram: @FuzelApp or search #Fuzel for photos
• Pinterest:

Have a great day!
The NAB team

Download Fuzel 1.0.2 on iTunes. 

Fuzel 1.0.1 released

Thank you all for your amazing support, everybody! Please find the change log for 1.0.1 below:

• Images now export to maximum 2560px when set to high-quality in Settings.
• Show error when images fail to save to gallery.

• Fixed crashes.
• Fixed many minor bugs.
• Fixed wrong image export sizes.
• Disabled camera button for devices without camera.
• Fixed typos. We really need to learn how to spell :(

The app requires you to enable Location Services to use the Camera Roll. Since Fuzel lets you choose multiple photos at once for your collages, we had to build our custom Photo Picker, which requires by Apple’s API that we ask you to enable Location Services since photos contain location data. We do respect your privacy, we just do what’s required. Thank you for your understanding.

You can download the latest version of Fuzel here. Thank you all for your support, and have fun with your photos!

The NAB team

Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF 2.1 are now available for download

Ever since we put out Manga Rock Unity for the iPad, we have had a lot of positive feedbacks for the app. It was designed specifically for the iPad and the reading experience was top notch. You guys love it, but many of you wish that we could have made Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF into a Universal app to make it look like Unity on the iPad.

We think it’s a valid request, so we’re giving it to you: today, both Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF 2.1 are available for download and they are now Universal app!  You can read the full change log for both below:

iPod Touch and iPhone version:
1. New Catalog View: we learn that many users only read the top 100 manga. Thus, we make “Popular”, previously known as Ranking in previous versions, as the default view for our Catalog. “Updates” tab is also changed its name to “Latest”. 

2. Categories filter: it has been redesigned to be more usable! The categories list is now expanded into 2 lines for easier navigation. It is quick and painless!

3. Pull-to-refresh for Manga Info View: Have you ever encountered problems such as chapter list not loading, or the list containing many duplicate chapters, or a chapter containing 0/0 page, etc. Simply pull to refresh in the Manga Info and Chapter List View, everything will work fine again!

4. Add back the “Reset application” button: “Reset application” can be found again in Info tab. Once in a while, you may find the app becoming sluggish or just want to free some spaces for your devices! Go ahead and press this button, the app is good as new!

5. Various bugs fixed.

iPad version:
In short, if you have used Manga Rock Unity before, you will find version 2.1 of both apps quite similar. Off course, we do redesign the app interface to make it consistent with the iPhone version.

If you never use Manga Rock Unity before, it’s time for you to explore these awesome function:

1. Ultimate reading experience with the Book View! Simply turn your iPad into landscape mode, Book View will be activated  and show 2 pages at a time. You can even flip to turn pages as you do with an actual manga book. Many other viewing options are also available for your preferences.

2. Beautiful iPad app design: an simple, elegant and yet very intuitive design! Try and you will  love it.

NOTES: If you have unlocked the iPhone version, just unlock it again in the iPad version without extra cost. Unfortunately, we can’t sync your Favorite, Recent or Downloaded in the iPhone version with the iPad version. Syncing will be soon available in future updates.

As for Manga Rock Unity, it’s taking longer than expected to upgrade and move it to a new server due to the multiple sources. We are still working on it and will let you know once it’s done. If you would like to experience a more stable version of Manga Rock on the iPad, try out either Manga Rock or Manga Rock MF. 

Also, We’re sure many of you are asking “Where’s the heck is KomikConnect?”. Well, it is STILL in review by Apple, and it could stay like this for sometimes, we do not know for sure when KomikConnect will be approved (or ever). We are looking at other alternatives to get it out to you guys, more info will be provided later. Thank you for your understanding and support.



Manga Rock 2.0 update is now available

After a very long waiting time, Manga Rock 2.0 is finally available. Here’s the full release note:

For version 2.0, we are bringing the awesomeness back to Manga Rock! We have worked really hard to make the manga reading experience on Manga Rock even better in this HUGE update. A whole bunch of new features were added, many annoying bugs were squashed, so the app just feel much more solid now. Manga Rock is now a completely different beast.

1. PERFORMANCE! Many parts of the app have been significantly finetuned, making it much more stable and zippier! You will see HUGE difference when populating the manga library for the first time.

2. CATEGORIES! First seen on Manga Rock MF, now you can also look for your favorite martial arts or romance manga effortlessly.

3. PULL-TO-REFRESH. No more relaunching the app to receive updates. Just pull the catalog, and release! Poof! Updates! Magic!

4. MORE SOCIAL! Tell My Friend now includes Twitter.

5. FIVE CONCURRENT DOWNLOADS! Yes, you heard that right, we have successfully ported the famed manga download manager from Manga Rock Unity into the palm of your hand. Manga Rock now support up to 5 chapter downloading simultaneously. It even works in the background. Oh, get ready to be surprised at the downloading speed!

6. UPGRADED MANGA VIEWER. You can now swipe to next or previous chapter, making the reading experience much more fluid.

7. We did some minor UI changes to the manga chapter list. Chapters are now displayed in descending order. You can now “Download All” of the chapters with just one tap. You’re very welcome!

8. We have modified the “Info” tab to make it much more usable. Now you will be able to read the latest “News”, or send us a “Support” email right within the app. We have also added badges for both the “Info” tab and the application itself.

NOTES: As we have changed Manga Rock substantially, normally that would mean that you would lose all of your favorite, recent and downloaded manga. But we are nice, so we have worked even harder so that you still have Favorite and Downloaded manga (moved to Archived). Unfortunately, we can’t keep your old Recent, so do keep an eye on that. Also, we have migrated to a newer, much faster server so that you can receive updates way faster than ever!

MINOR ISSUE: Completed series is displayed as “ongoing”, however, the filter is still working correctly as intended. This bug will be fixed in the next version.

Again, thank you everyone for your awesome support, without you, there wouldn’t be Manga Rock!

There you go, it’s time to download and upgrade your copy of Manga Rock. Don’t forget to leave us glowing reviews if you love Manga Rock!