A few updates

This is a small update from us to keep you guys in the loop. First of all, our devs are working hard on the next version of Manga Rock. We encountered a few unexpected bugs reported by users as well as dealing with the change in onemanga.com directory (many of their manga are now hosted on 1000manga.com), so this next version is taking a bit more time than expected. We are hoping to get it out ASAP. We’ll let you all know once it is ready and approved by Apple.

Secondly, we have been receiving quite a number of emails from you guys asking why Manga Rock is asking to be unlocked again after an iPhone restore or app reinstall and whether you guys will be charged again for another unlock. Here is the answer: no. If you have either reinstalled the app or restored your device, just tap unlock again inside Manga Rock, and it will be unlocked at no extra cost (provided that you have already purchased it the first time around). We hope that helps clear up some confusion.

Finally, our developers are going to attend WWDC 2010! ┬áIt is very exciting as they are going to be learning a great deal of useful stuffs, and I’m sure that they will be able to make Manga Rock an even better manga reader! That’s all the updates for now. Peace!