Fuzel 2.1.1 available now: postcard powered by Sincerely

We have just released version 2.1.1 for Fuzel today. Besides bug fixes, the biggest change comes from the postcard printing.

As you know, Fuzel postcard printing used to be powered by our partner MyPublisher. However, MyPublisher has recently been acquired by Shutterfly and amidst the acquisition process, some products and processes were affected. Fuzel postcard printing was one of them.

After careful discussion with MyPublisher, we have decided that Sincerely would be our postcard printing service for Fuzel from now on. Given Sincerely’s commitment on delivering quality postcard printing for mobile, we believe that you’ll enjoy using their service to send your friends postcards made from your own collages.

Postcards are priced reasonably at $1.99 for postcard shipping within the US and $2.99 for international.

Thank you for your understanding and support, have a great day everyone!

Download Fuzel Pro here.

Download Fuzel here.