Our servers got fixed!

In the last few days, we receive quite a few numbers of feedback from users on how slow the downloading speed was, as well as a number of manga downloading errors (partial downloads, blank pages etc.). It seems that our server received more requests from Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF than ever since the 2.0 update. It’s good to see a whole lot of people are using our apps. The bad news? The server couldn’t take it, and we saw the result.

However, we were able to get everything back up and running normally. Not only we were able to make it more resilient than before, we also discovered a rare bug that has been plaguing Manga Rock’s users since day 1: the infamous “everything disappeared” or “my Favorites is gone!” bug. It turns out that whenever the server experiences a problem, the app is more prone to this bug. We are hard at work to fix this bug in the upcoming update.

Expect a pleasant surprise soon! For now, enjoy your manga!


A small hiccup [Manga Rock 1.4]

UPDATE: We have COMPLETELY finished fixing the problems. Everything should works normally again. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

All chapters that have pages from the manga “Saint Seiya”  or black/blank pages can now be fixed by:

  • Letting the chapter finished loading
  • Deleting the affected chapter from downloaded
  • Redownloading said chapter again, either online or using download manager, it should now be the correct manga.

Manga that did not get updated (one chapter short compared to mangable.com) now can be updated using either one of the following methods:

  • Do nothing and wait until next week when said manga gets updated, both this week and next week chapters will show up.
  • Reset the catalog, you will lose all of your downloaded manga, but everything will be updated and work correctly.

ORIGINAL: Manga Rock is currently experiencing some server problems, and you might encounter one of the following issues:

  • Chapters that are updated in the last day and a half will be completely black image.
  • Chapters that are updated in the last day and a half will belong to some other manga [Update: name of the manga is "Saint Seiya"] instead of the manga you’re trying to browse.
  • Some manga does not show updates.[UPDATE: THIS BUG NOW HAS BEEN FIXED]

You can still carry on reading as normal for those manga/chapters that did not get affected by the issues mentioned above. Our team is currently fixing it, the whole process should take approximate a few hours. We will update the status on this post regularly, stay tuned for more info. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Good news, Bad news, and one more thing…

Recently, Manga Rock has been receiving tons of love from manga lovers all over the world. It’s been 3 months since our app is available on the App Store and we have yet to see a decline in the number of daily downloads. That makes us happy. Very happy. That is the good news.

Here comes the bad news, that also means that our user base is increasing steadily, which lead us to one small problem: our app is not as stable as it once was. The increased number of users put a strain on our server. We have received a lot of email from you telling us how slow or unstable Manga Rock is at times. Therefore, we have decided to add another server to support Manga Rock. Not only will this alleviate the strain on the other server, it will also improve the performance of Manga Rock. In short, Manga Rock will be a lot more stable AND load faster!

One more thing: 1.2 is coming, soon. We will let you know the details in a few days. Thank you all for your amazing support!