Manga Rock 1.6: “Backup & Restore” & iOS7 compatibility


We are glad to announce the latest update for Manga Rock iOS, version 1.6, is now available on the App Store today. You can get the update right HERE. Together with many bug fixes for iOS 7, this update also brings you the new feature “Back up & Restore”. Let’s learn more.


“Back up & Restore” (Manga Rock Cloud) is a cloud storage system available in Manga Rock Android 1.0 and Manga Rock iOS 1.6. All users, both free and paid, can use this feature to back up and restore their Manga Rock data (Favorite, Recent, and Personalize Settings) across multiple Android and iOS devices. Thus, you can easily back up your data in iOS and restore it in Android device, or vice versa.

To log into Manga Rock Cloud, you can simply use your existing Facebook or Twitter accounts. Otherwise, you can register an account with us.

How to use “backup & restore”

First, you need to understand how “Back up & Restore” works. When backing up data, Manga Rock will use the existing data on your device to overwrite the backed up data on Manga Rock Cloud. Different from “Back up”, when restoring data, the app will merge the existing data on your device with the data on Manga Rock Cloud.

To apply this knowledge, consider a situation when you want to transfer app data between 2 devices. Below are the correct steps to follow:

  1. Perform a back up on the device that you have the most data (Eg. your iPad)
  2. Perform a restore on the device that you have the least data (Eg. your Samsung Galaxy S3)
  3. Optional: Perform a back up on your Samsung Galaxy S3. Now you will have all of your data (from both devices) safely backed up on Manga Rock Cloud.

We believe that “Backup & Restore” is a very useful feature for every Manga Rock users. It’s just like your house backup key – you won’t need it everyday, but when the time comes, you will be super happy to have it.

Enjoy reading with Manga Rock and have a nice day!







The NAB Team