Questions & Answers for Manga Rock 2 (part 2)

Manga Rock 2 was only launched yesterday, and we have already got overwhelming support from both old and new users: over 20,000 downloads in 24 hours! Many questions were received, so we’ll answer them all in this post. 

Why was there only 10 manga / no manga at all? And the app crashes upon launch! 

To be honest, we did not expect to receive just overwhelming number of apps downloads and usage in just 24 hours. Because of that, our server got a hiccup along the way, messing up the database of manga. This causes the app to show only 10 manga or no manga for some users. For other users, you will encounter crashes upon launch.

We have managed to resolve the server issue, everything should be working normally now. For a small number of users that got affected, please delete and re-install the app. If you have already purchased the Full Version, just tap “Restore Purchase”. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Why is download speed slower than usual? 

In just one day, Manga Rock 2′s server requests alone are 1.5 times more than all of the old MR apps combined! This stressed out our server, thus causing download speed to be less than optimal. Our server wizard is working around the clock to slowly and carefully increase the bandwidth, without affecting the app performance. Download speed should get better as we speak.

Why can I only download 1 chapter at a time?

In our previous post, we have already introduced the Smart Downloader in MR2. On a WiFi network, you can download 4 chapters concurrently. On a slower 3G network, the app automatically switches to 1 download at a time. Reason:

Having multiple chapters download concurrently on a 3G network actually slows your download. Beside that, having multiple connections on a 3G network drains your battery considerably faster. Finally, the more connections you have on a 3G network, the more money you will have to pay, if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. Once you get back on a WiFi network, the app automatically switches back to 4 concurrent downloads.

Where’s the read/unread indicator for chapters?

This one is a little bit tricky for some. Instead of a separate read/unread symbol, we have incorporated it into the chapter’s text color. Lighter Color is unread, and Darker Color is read.

Where’s the “New Releases” section?

In the current version, there’s no “New Releases” section. We’re going to add that in an update to MR2.

Why did you remove the Book View in the iPad version? 

We were very proud of Manga Rock Unity’s Book View. It was/still is the first of its kind for any manga reader app. As much as we love it, a lot of users have said that the Book View was not optimal for reading manga. We ourselves rarely use it to read manga on our iPad.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the end for the Book View. Our team is currently research for a way to bring back the Book View (or something better). We’ll keep you posted.

I paid for MR1, why can’t I “restore purchase” in MR2?

The “Restore Purchase” button is meant for users who have already purchased MR2 and needed to re-install the app, or install the app on a new device.

The App says there’s new chapters on my favorites but it doesn’t show which ones!

This is a confirmed bug. It supposed to show you which manga has new chapters and how many of them. The hot fix for this will be available soon.