UPDATE: Manga Rock 1.2 is here!

Another update to your beloved Manga Rock! This one (1.2) brings you these following goodness:

- Manga Viewer has been smoothed out (no more hiccups when turning page!)

- Downloading speed has been increased (it’s magic!)

-  And more bugs fixed.

We hope you enjoy this update. This may be our last update to Manga Rock, as you all know what’s happening to OneManga.com recently based on our previous post. However, this does not mean the end for your favorite manga app. We have been receiving tons of emails from you guys expressing your love for Manga Rock and we are REALLY touched. Thank you for your amazing support and we will see what we can do to continue bringing you the best manga reading experience on the iOS platform.

Stay tuned, we will definitely update you with the latest information regarding Manga Rock as well as our other upcoming projects. Again, thank you all!

NOTE: please update your device’s firmware to iOS 4. As we have mentioned before during the 1.1 update, Manga Rock now adds support for Fast App Switching, thus requiring iOS4. The app will NOT work  on iOS 3x!

Farewell, OneManga!

As you may have already known, OneManga announced earlier today that their website will be closed down permanently starting next week. This is saddening as OneManga has been with me (and you) for the last  5 years. I still remember clearly the excitement I have every Friday, checking for new updates of Naruto, Bleach and One Piece etc. Now, there will be none of that. Nothing. Manga Rock was created to deliver that same excitement to manga lovers using mobile devices. Now that OneManga is closing down, we do not know what will happen to Manga Rock yet, will keep you all posted.

Therefore, for now, we have decided to give one small gift to our users: starting from this moment, for those of you who do not have access to popular titles like Naruto or Bleach using Manga Rock (aka mainly those who live in the US), please either reset or reinstall the application (those with lots of downloaded manga, reinstall would be better, if you have paid for the in-app already, unlocking again will not cost you any money). Launch it and wait for the catalog to repopulate. Check  your “Rank” tab in Catalog to see all those titles! We off the manga filter! What are you waiting for, go and download all your beloved series til your heart’s content (or exceed your hard drive’s limit) and cherish whatever is left of OneManga. Tell your friends to download the app too!

Thank you for your unending support for Manga Rock, we hope you enjoy it!

P/S: We just submitted Manga Rock 1.2 update to Apple and it is now in review. What’s in it? Not much, just a 4x increase in the download speed. You might see it in a day or two on the App Store.