Fuzel 1.2: More options. More awesome collages!


Hi everyone,

The biggest update for Fuzel is here. You now have more options than ever to create the most amazing looking collages:


Tell your stories through beautiful collages, for free!

  • 36 Standard layouts
  • 12 Basic  base colors
  • 15 Simple frames
  • 6 Filters

Still want more? Unlock the “Essential Pack” to make your collages more awesome and unique with:

  • 30 “Funky” layouts
  • 24 “Crayon” base colors
  • 15 “Decorative” frames
  • 18 Beautiful filters
Download, or update the Fuzel Pro to get all magical features from both Fuzel and Essential Pack.


30 promo codes for Fuzel Pro are waiting for 30 lucky users!
How to win? Simply like Fuzel’s Facebook. Everyday, from 24th August to 2nd September,  3 users will be chosen randomly to give promo codes to download Fuzel Pro.

That’s it! Get the latest update of Fuzel and Fuzel Pro to make your stories more awesome with new decoration options, and like our Facebook to win promo codes!

Thank you for supporting us, and have a nice day!

The NAB Team.

Sale off for this holiday season


Hi guys,

To celebrate this holiday season, Not A Basement Studio offers you a chance to download our apps free or with only $0.99.

Chuppy Jump $0.99

Comic Express $0.99

Wikly $0.99

Manga Rock Free

Manga Rock Unity $0.99

Manga Rock MF Free

This is limited time promotion. So, check out our apps now for a great holiday season.

Thanks for your love and support for our products.

We wish you a Warm Christmas and all the best for 2012.

Not A Basement Studio.

Comic Express – Simple guide to sync comic files

For your information, here’s a simple guide to sync your files to Comic Express App:

1. Sync your device to iTunes (through either wifi/USB)

2. Choose the Apps Tab in the device in iTunes and choose Comic Express in the Files section

3. Drag the selected files into Comic Documents section

4. The file will be imported into Comic Express App on your device.

5. After importing successfully, enjoy your comics!

Comic Express is now available to download with introductory price in the first week, only $1.99 !

Please contact us for any support.

Not A Basement Studio.

Comic Express 1.0 is now available to download!

Hi guys,

Comic Express has been approved by Apple. Now you can download Comic Express with introductory price, only $1.99, in the first launching week (usual $4.99)

Comic Express’s fast import speed,  elegant interface, and the specially-designed viewer will make reading comics on the iPhone and iPad a wonderful and complete experience.

Enjoy your favourite comics with Comic Express and tell us what you think.

Thank you so much.

Not A Basement Studio.

Comic Express is coming soon!


Hi guys,

We have just submitted a new app, a comic reader named Comic Express. Comic Express lets you import and read your favorite comic files on the iPad and iPhone.

We make sure that every single element, from importing, organizing, and reading works well to give you the most wonderful reading experience.Visit our website at www.notabasement.comto have a peek at the app and register your email so that we can inform you when this app launches.

Also, join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/comicexpressapp  and follow us @ComicExpressApp  for the juiciest update.

Thanks for your support.


Not A Basement Studio.