Chuppy Jump is available on the App Store. A fun journey awaits!

Hi guys,

This season, Not A Basement Studio gives you a fun and cute Xmas experience – Chuppy Jump, a simple but addicting game.

In Chuppy Jump, you need to help Chuppy decorate the Christmas tree during a power outage.

Featuring a one-tap control, Chuppy needs to jump on 5 different types of leaves with different properties, collecting 6 power-ups, while completing 38 different challenging goals and level up!

Think you can complete all the goals and help Chuppy has an amazing Christmas?

Chuppy Jump is now available on the Apple App Store.


Free version with ad

Paid version

Visit Chuppy:





Enjoy Chuppy Jump, and have a Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

Not A Basement Studio

Comic Express 1.0 is now available to download!

Hi guys,

Comic Express has been approved by Apple. Now you can download Comic Express with introductory price, only $1.99, in the first launching week (usual $4.99)

Comic Express’s fast import speed,  elegant interface, and the specially-designed viewer will make reading comics on the iPhone and iPad a wonderful and complete experience.

Enjoy your favourite comics with Comic Express and tell us what you think.

Thank you so much.

Not A Basement Studio.

Comic Express is coming soon!


Hi guys,

We have just submitted a new app, a comic reader named Comic Express. Comic Express lets you import and read your favorite comic files on the iPad and iPhone.

We make sure that every single element, from importing, organizing, and reading works well to give you the most wonderful reading experience.Visit our website at www.notabasement.comto have a peek at the app and register your email so that we can inform you when this app launches.

Also, join us on Facebook at  and follow us @ComicExpressApp  for the juiciest update.

Thanks for your support.


Not A Basement Studio.

Beta testers needed for our new app

Hi guys,

We’re working on a new app and we need your help testing it. If you guys are interested in beta testing our latest app, please register here:

Beta sign-up link

Should you have any questions, please let us know at We look forward to having you guys testing our apps.

Not A Basement Studio