Introducing KeepShot: the ultimate photo books app

Even though we now reside in the era of online digital photos, there’s still a strange sensation whenever we flip through the physical pages of a photo book. Remember your family vacation, your weekend get-together, your best friend’s engagement party, your baby’s first birthday? It’s fun and full of memories. Photo books are really the best way to tell your full stories.

In the last few months, we’ve been busy working on a completely new app for the iPad. Today, we’re super excited to introduce it to you: KeepShot – an incredibly fun and easy way to make photo books.

The App


We made KeepShot with one ultimate goal: Fun. Photo book making has traditionally been a time-consuming process, and usually reserved for professional photographers. We wanted to change that with KeepShot. The app lets you have fun with your photos: select a great theme, add your photos, then simply drag, drop and arrange.


Apply filters and frames, captions, stickers and more. KeepShot is all about letting you have fun with your memories, and get creative with it.

The Book


We ourselves had an amazing time working with MyPublisher Inc. to create KeepShot. They are an amazing group of people, dedicated to making the best photo books possible. Did you know that they make photo books for Steve Jobs himself?

The photo books that you created within the KeepShot app will be printed using the finest, richest quality paper available, on the best presses in the world. Your photo book will be then shipped to your doorstep, it’s really that simple.

For the launch period, photo book shipping is available in the US-only, we will roll out to more countries as fast as we can. Find out more about the pricing of our photo books here.

The Promotion


To celebrate the launch of KeepShot, we are giving away 10,000 Classic Hardcover (8.75″ x 11.5″) Photo Book worth $36 each!

Visit the KeepShot’s official website now for more details here, or get your free photo books here.