Another 4-out-of-5-star review, this time from & UPDATE:

Thanks to everyone’s amazing support, we have just received another 4/5 star review, this time from, one of the largest app review sites out there. Here’s what they say about Manga Rock:

iPhone-using manga-enthusiasts, rejoice! For now, there exists an app that syncs with–a site that any otaku worth their salt has bookmarked–to bring you the latest in scanlated/scanned Japanese graphic novels.

Luckily for us, Manga Rock remembers what page of a chapter we were on last, and the Recent tab displays your reading history.

The page viewer is a thing of beauty, simple yet effective–it’s actually sort of reminiscent of how the iBook app works on the iPad. In fact, Manga Rock would be ridiculously awesome on the iPad (once the developers release that version)

Manga Rock is a fantastically superb resource for any manga reader (especially true for iPad owners), even the free version. Heavy users might want to consider investing in the in-app purchase

UPDATE: we also just got another review from (LINK) Here is what they say about it :

Manga Rock only reads manga from, but it streams and downloads issues beautifully, and is probably the best comic reader on the iPhone — bar none.

once you do buy the very reasonably priced full version for $1.99, Manga Rock becomes an unbelievably good app

Not only is it a fantastic manga reader with an inspired approach to landscape reading, but it also features a gargantuan library that offers free downloads for hundreds of titles, and thousands of issues.

Developer Not A Basement has made a great portal for new manga fans, and a must-have app for anyone who knows what a Kyuubi is.

It makes us so happy to see that Manga Rock is getting huge support from our beloved users, as well as critics. We are committed to making Manga Rock the best manga reader on the iPhone, iPod touch and in the future, the iPad.

The review on can be found HERE.