Everything is back to normal!

As some of you have noticed, in the span of a few hours, all of our applications (Manga Rock, Manga Rock MF and Manga Rock Unity) became temporarily unavailable for download, despite them being there on the App Store.

After a quick investigation, it seems that the problem came down to our Apple Developer Certificate. It was shown as “Expired” despite the fact that we renewed it almost 2 weeks ago. We immediately called Apple, but it didn’t work since it was midnight. We sent a few emails instead. There wasn’t any replied.

When it was 7am ¬†PST, we called again, and this time, we were able to speak to someone from Apple, and he has been very helpful. It seems that there was a glitch on Apple’s side that causes our certificate to remained “expired”, even though we did renewed it earlier. That essentially causes our apps to become unavailable. Thankfully, the guy from Apple was able to help us resolve the problem quickly, and everything is now back up normally within a few hours.

We are still monitoring this issue carefully to make sure that nothing else is outta place. Thank you for your understanding and support, and we sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience caused.