Fuzel Collage for Android: Beta 4 is now available.


Guys, we hope you are having a great week. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Beta 4 for Fuzel Collage Android.

In this beta, we have completely rewritten the app and changed the whole backend system.This resulted in a significant improvement in overall performance & stability (faster, more stable, and less crashes). If you experience any issue, let us know at once via the in-app feedback system (Settings → Send Beta feedback).

You can download it right below. Before installing, please delete any previous beta version:


Important notices:

  • Minimum requirements: Android OS 4.3, device screen size 720 x 1280, and 1GB RAM.
  • Known issues: App might crash multiple times during launching. To fix this, simply clear the app data (Device Settings → Apps → Fuzel Collage → Clear data) or reinstall it.
  • Please don’t attempt to buy any in-app item. All premium features are already enabled in the beta for testing purpose.

That’s all for now, guys! Stay tuned and keep sending us your feedback.


The NAB Team

Fuzel Collage for Android: Now in Beta 2.

Hi guys,

We’ve just released the Beta 2 of Fuzel Collage for Android – a major update with many improvements and bug fixes. Please follow the instruction below to install this version:


  • IMPORTANT: please delete the current app (if you have installed the Beta 1) before installing the Beta 2.
  • Open this link on your Android device and download the .apk file: www.notabasement.com/files/Fuzel.apk
  • Open “Downloads”, tap & install the Beta 2.
  • Device’s minimum requirements: Android 4.1, screen size 720 x 1280, 1GB RAM.

What’s New:

  • The app can now access photos from all device folders
  • Improved Instagram Photo Picker
  • Improved sharing
  • Added Facebook logout (for Photo Picker) in Settings
  • Added face detection

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed rendering issues
  • Fixed layout spacing/margin issues
  • Fixed other minor bugs

Known Issues:

  • Performance issues: we are still fine-tuning the performance at the moment.
  • Please make sure you have Internet access when launching the app for the 1st time.
  • Please DO NOT attempt to buy any in-app purchase since all premium features are already enabled in beta version.
  • If you can’t open the app, please try clearing the app data or re-installing it.

That’s all for now, guys! Please use the app & keep your feedback coming. Have fun!






The NAB Team


Coming soon: Fuzel for Android!


Making Fuzel for Android has always been the number one request we receive from you guys. At long last, it is happening!

In our true fashion, Fuzel for Android is developed from the ground up, taking full advantage of Android’s capabilities. This is not a simple port-over of the iOS version. Many aspects of the app were tweaked and improved intensively to deliver a fun, unique experience playing with photos on Android. We can’t wait to share more details with you guys in a later post.

In the mean time, we have something that we believe you’ll like very much…

Beta for Fuzel Android is open!

Fuzel for Android is in its last phase of development, and while the app is coming together in the right direction, there are still rough edges that need to be polished. We need your help!

Become a beta user today, and help make Fuzel better. Not only you’ll get to use Fuzel and give feedback before most people, you’ll also be receiving 500 credits to purchase additional decor items when the app launches officially. Interested, or know a friend who will be?

Click to join the beta here

Fuzel 2.1 now available!


We’re very excited to announce the launch of version 2.1 of Fuzel today. Read on to find out more about this update:


New Photos Picker
– We completely redesigned the Photos Picker for a much more streamlined experience.
– Tapping on “Pick Photos” now lead you straight to your Camera Roll. Latest photos are displayed first.
– Swiping left for Camera mode.
– Swiping right for photos from Instagram, Facebook, Flickr (sign-in required)
– Tapping on a photo again will deselect it.

Improved animation for Animated collages
– For collages with frames, any sticker or label positioned on top of the frame will remain there when the animated collage play out.
– Stickers that fit inside a single photo mold will now animate together with that photo.

Fixed losing art assets issue
– The app will now ask whether you want to restore your art assets

Fixed other bugs/crashes

We hope you enjoy the new update 2.1. Follow us on Instagram for daily dose of beautiful & inspirational collages created by users like you.

Download the free update HERE.

#fuzelmoment winner: @aulion

Our very first #fuzelmoment contest has ended with over 500 entries.We’re glad to see that many of you have enjoyed sharing your favorite moments with the new Fuzel Animated Collage tool.

Congratulations to @Aulion, you’ve won a $100 iTunes giftcard and 10,000 Fuzel credits for having the most likes at the contest’s closing time!

In addition to the winning post, we’ve decided to give 1,000 credits to 5 other posts that were a lot of fun to watch while utilizing the animated collage tool effectively. Congrats to @parodypll, @itsdavodawg, @johnizon, @aizanm, and @onuroll !

Thanks all for joining our contest, stay tuned until we announce the next contest! Have a great weekend!