Situation with Hachette Book Group (Yen Press)

First of all, we would like to say thanks to Moocat for notifying us regarding this not-so-enlightening link.

Let us say that this took us by surprise. What we want to do with Manga Rock is to enable manga fans with a mean to read their beloved manga on the go, using their iPhone or iPod touch, because we felt that, before we started working on Manga Rock, the other existing manga readers did not offer a good enough reading experience on the go.

Things were great until we got an email from Apple notifying us about Hachette Book Group (Yen Press) requests to take down our application from the US iTunes Store due to copyrights infringements.

Needless to say, we freaked out. We do not want it to be removed from the App Store,  because Manga Rock is our brain child and we think that it would bring a much better manga reading experience to all manga lovers. We simply wanted to deliver that awesome manga app on the iPhone. That’s why you can see that Manga Rock is free for download, and users can freely browse catalog for manga and read them online.

But hey, we need to eat and pay our rents too, we are students, we spent 4 months working on Manga Rock with many sleepless nights. Despite that, we do not charge a cent for the application, because we know our contents are available freely on, but we worked extra hard to deliver some features that reading manga from the mobile web browser just doesn’t have. Those features are available as in-app purchase, totally optional.

However, we understand the severity of the situation, therefore, we took immediate action to filter out all of the contents in Manga Rock on the US iTunes Store that Hachette requested within hours of receiving the dreadful email. It would have been nice if they could have contacted us beforehand and discussed the matter with us before telling Apple to take down our app; however, we respect them for wanting to protect their own properties.

Nonetheless, we would like to apologize the Hachette Book Group  for not having realized that Manga Rock streams their contents from without their consent. We just want to say that we did not purposely want to infringe upon their copyrights. When we were working on Manga Rock, we did look around the US App Store and checked out other manga readers that were available there, and saw that they also synced from and also contained  those contents. That’s why those licensed manga were included in our application in the first place.

We have already applied a filter to prevent future buyers of Manga Rock on the US iTunes Store from accessing these contents. For those of you from the US, who have already downloaded our app before today, please support the publisher by opening the app, then go into the Info tab, reset the application, and restart Manga Rock. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this incident has caused.

Again, we apologize to the Hachette Book Group as well as our users who have supported us by purchasing the app. We hope you can still enjoy other manga using Manga Rock.