The best manga reading experience

As we have mentioned in our last post, Manga Rock Unity is in its final stage of development and it will also be the last manga reader from us since we believe that we’re very close to our original goal: bringing the best manga reading experience to users.

Before we started designing Manga Rock Unity, we ask ourselves one question: what is the best manga reading experience? Certainly not the way we read manga on the web browser, loading page by page, or swiping through single images of a manga similar to the photo apps. We think the best manga reading experience boils down to one thing: reading manga on the iPad should feel similar to its original form, the manga book. Having that in mind, we have developed one of the most exciting new features in Manga Rock Unity, and also the first of its kind on the App Store: the book view. Simply put, it’s manga meets iBook!

With the book view, you will once again have the familiar feeling of holding a real manga book in your hands and enjoy manga the way it was drawn. Let’s take a look:

Like what you see? Remember, the book view isn’t the only exciting new features in Manga Rock Unity ( we did not slack off in the last few months :p ). As the name “Unity” suggests, we’re putting everything that we have learnt into Manga Rock Unity. It will change the way you read digital manga. Forever.