Manga Rock iOS 2.0 – Coming soon


Today, we are thrilled to announce the biggest update to our Manga Rock on iOS platform – which will hit the iTunes App Store sometime next week. So, read on to find out more about this update.



The Downloader in Manga Rock was the best of its kind with fast speed & multiple downloads. In 2.0, we push the limit even further by rewriting the downloader from scratch.

The new Downloader is not only faster, but also more stable. Manga Rock can now continue to download, even after you shutdown the app! The downloader also gets a whole lot smarter:

When the app is running:

- Utilize full networking speed
- Ensure all network requests are on high priority
- Higher download priority given to chapters that are being read

When the app is not running:

- Automatically change to slower speed to reserve battery if the device is not plugged in
- Automatically stop downloading when the device is connected to cellular network or running low on battery
- Download will resume when device is connected to WiFi again
- Automatically send notification to you when a manga is downloaded



Ever wonder what to read next when you finish a long-running serie? Manga Rock 2.0 proudly introduce our new Discovery System: we’ll recommend manga that you may like whenever you finish a manga, or when the current manga has no new chapter yet.

All recommended manga are personalized based on what you and others are reading. Manga in your Favorites & Recent will be excluded from the Recommended list. Better yet, the recommendation engine will get smarter once you use it more.


140425_ScreenshotForBlog_3All manga are now shown with a big, beautiful cover, providing a much more pleasant browsing experience. Cover View is available in Catalog, Favorites, and Downloaded. You can also tap and hold the cover to add the title to Favorites, or delete it from Downloaded.


In this update, free users can unlock more downloaded slots for FREE: for every Tapjoy offer that you complete, you’ll get one extra downloaded slot! There’s no limit to how many slots you can unlock, so tap away!

Other enhancements include:

- You can now edge-swipe to go back to the previous view (iPhone only)
- Auto-hide bottom bar when scrolling in Catalog, Favorites, and Downloaded (iPhone only)
- Faster searching across manga sources
- Faster Backup & Restore
- Added back all sources and many manga titles for those users who were affected by the removal of content in previous version
- Fixed many bugs and crashes


This 2.0 update is only available for users with iOS 7.0 and above. It is because many new features in this update are made possible only with the latest APIs in iOS 7 SDK.

For iOS 5 & 6 users, you can still use the current version as usual. Just remember to backup your data to iTunes so you can still restore the app once you accidentally remove it.

We expect Apple to take around one week to review the app. Once the app launches, we’ll let you know immediately. That’s all for now! Don’t forget to follow our Facebook Page to get all the latest news.


fuzel 2.0: animated collage


First of all, we’d like to thank everyone for your immense support – the new Fuzel received almost 1 million download in less than a month, and was featured as “Best New Apps” on the App Store in over 40 countries!

Today, we’re excited to announce the 2.0 update for the Fuzel. Read on to learn more :


For the first time ever, your photos are more than just static images. Fuzel 2.0 lets you put photos together, add your favorite music, and see them play out in a fun and stylish fashion, like this:

Animated collage lets you share your stories in a more complete way. You’ll see your photos in both collage form, and individually. This is particularly great for users with beautifully-taken photos, who don’t want to lose out the little details.

Unlike a normal slideshow that only display photos after photos, Fuzel’s animated collages know exactly which part of a photo you want to focus, based on that photo’s position in the collage. We even analyze the song you choose, and match the photo transition time to the beats for the best viewing experience.

So how do you make an animated collage? It’s super simple:

1. Make a photo collage like normal – consider playing around with different frames, stickers or labels.
2. Switch to “Animated Collage” mode.
3. Choose a song in your library, or use the embedded tracks.
4. Just press Play and enjoy!

Once done, you can share it with friends via social networks, or save onto your iPhone in HD quality.



The sidebar has been redesigned for better access to the brand new Discover section and the Fuzel Store. Discover is where you view and get inspired by beautiful collages made by us and other Fuzel users.

If you want to be featured in the Discover section and get viewed by millions of others, share your collages with #fuzel on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Everyday, we’ll look at all of them, and we’ll get in touch to feature your works. So share on!



Layout Shuffle is one of the most loved new features in Fuzel – it lets you randomize layouts smartly for the most suitable ones for your photos. In this new update, you now have the option to choose between the Basic layouts, or the special Funky and Freeform ones for more fun-looking collages.



The app now supports login via Twitter & Email, in addition to Facebook.

A very important note: even though you can purchase packages normally without login in, you’re encouraged to do so – we’ll know which packages you have purchased and let you restore them in the case of reinstall/new device.



Fuzel employs a unique credit system for purchasing additional decoration packages. You can get credits via in-app purchase, but it’s not the only way.

You can earn free credits by:

1. Finishing simple tasks, such as following us on Instagram.
2. Doing special offers.
3. Inviting your friends to try Fuzel – every time a friend installs the app, you’ll get 20 credits!


That’s it, you can download the free update HERE. We can’t wait to see your animated collages!

Fuzel 2.0 now available on the App Store

We’re very thrilled to announce that version 2.0 of Fuzel is now available on the App Store. Please read on for the full change log:

Make awesome photo collages with Fuzel 2.0, the biggest & best update for the app:

✮ Improved Swap Photos
A small change, but we’re sure that you’ll love it. Instead of using the Swap Photos button, you can now simply Tap & Hold to swap photos from one frame to the next. Neat, right?

✮ Improved Ratios
The “Ratios” button has been moved to Layouts for faster access, and that’s not the only change we made to it. The improved “Ratios” lets you preview how your collage will look in different aspect ratios, instead of just an image placeholder previously.

✮ Improved Filters
We overhauled the entire filters system, making them much faster, and each filter will make your photos look absolutely stunning. Besides the original 18 filters, we have also added 12 brand-new filters, available as In-App Purchase for just $0.99.

✮ NEW Photo Editor
We built our own, full-feature Photo Editor so that you no longer have to switch between apps to put the finishing touch on your photos. With simple swipe gestures, you can do advance adjustments such as:

  • Lighting: adjust Contrast & Brightness
  • Color: adjust Hue & Saturation
  • Sharpness : adjust Sharpness
  • Blur: adjust blurred area & size
  • Vignette: adjust vignette strength

✮ NEW Labels
A fun new way to tell stories – add text labels! The labels can be freely resized, rotated, and put anywhere on your collages. Time to get creative!  There are 6 free labels, with 12 more available as In-App Purchase for just $0.99.

✮ NEW Patterns
In addition to Colors, you can now add 18 well-designed patterns as your collage’s background.

✮ NEW Shadow
A popular request – you can now toggle photo’s shadows to make them more eye-catching than ever!

✮ NEW Postcards 
We have worked very closely with MyPublisher Inc. ( to let you send unique 5.25″ x 5.25″ square postcards made from your Fuzel collages. Each card is printed with care, shipped worldwide, and priced at a reasonable $1.99 for U.S. address, $3.99 for International.

With Christmas just around the corner, this will be the perfect gift for your loved ones!

✮ Many other subtle, but important improvements.

☂ And last but not least, bug fixes.

Every single pixel in the app was painstakingly redrawn & redesigned, making Fuzel not only better-looking, but also easier-to-use, and more powerful than ever!

We have really enjoyed making Fuzel 2.0 for you, so we hope you enjoy using it. Thank you for supporting us!

The NAB Team

MyPublisher Vouchers Giveaway


To celebrate the launch of Fuzel 2.0, we’re giving away $50 MyPublisher vouchers to 7 lucky  users. Here’s how to win:

1. Follow @FuzelApp on Instagram
2. Go to & Like the photo
3. Giveaway ends on 11:59 PST Dec 17, 2012.

That’s all, good luck to everyone. Thank you all for supporting us all this time.

Fuzel 2.0: how the best got better

Our goal for Fuzel is to be the best photo collage maker for iPhone. It seems we’re on the right track so far – Fuzel is now used by over half a million users. People really love the simplicity and flexibility when creating collages with Fuzel.

So “How can we make something that good, better?”

To do that, we have to make Fuzel 2.0 even more flexible, and even simpler to use.

In 2.0, we added a lot more features (Labels, Patterns, Photo Editors, Shadow etc.), so in order to accomodate for those new features, the Bottom Bar was the first thing we redesigned. We managed to cut down the number of buttons from 5 to 4, making it easier to navigate.

Our next challenge came from existing features. They worked before, but no longer in 2.0, so we overhauled most of them to follow the same design philosophy for Fuzel: “Flexibility” & “Simplicity”.

The New Ratios

Previously, changing Aspect Ratio was not easy, since it was hidden inside “Cut”. It’s now located prominently in Layouts.

That’s not the only change we made to “Ratios” either – the tool now lets you preview how your collage will actually look in different Ratios, instead of an image placeholder.

Swap Photos

A small change, but we’re sure that you’ll love it. Instead of using the Swap Photos button, you can now simply Tap & Hold to swap photos from one frame to the next. Neat, right?

Improved Filters

We revamped the entire photo filters system in Fuzel. Every filters are now a lot faster, and more beautiful. We also removed the Auto-Enhance button, making it into a special filter.

Why is it Special? Depend on your photo, the “Enhanced” version will look differently. In addition to the original 18 filters, we added another 12 filters available as in-app purchase.

Photo Editor

This is a completely new feature. We saw many of our users used other apps to retouch their photos before using them in Fuzel. We wanted to simplify the process by having a photo editor right in Fuzel 2.0. We could either use others’ Photo Editor, or build our own.

At first, we considered using the popular Aviary Photo Editor SDK, as seen in many recent Photo Apps. It was easy to integrate, and it had most of the functionalities that we wanted. However, there were 2 things that felt wrong when we tested integrating Aviary.

Firstly, Aviary’s interface was completely out of place with Fuzel’s, the interaction is also different. It’s true that it makes Fuzel a lot more powerful in term of image editing, but it also greatly increases the complexity of the app. And we don’t want that.

Secondly, Aviary was built for single-photo-editing. When you’re adjusting your photos for a collage, you want to see how they look as a whole in the collage. Aviary couldn’t do that.


That’s why we decided to make our own photo editor, one that provides all the advance editing functionalities that you need, in a familiar interaction and consistent interface. It’s the only photo editor meant for collage making.

Closing thoughts…

What we shared with you above are not everything that we did for Fuzel 2.0 (the full change log will be available on launch date). We made sure that every changes/additions helps you make incredibly beautiful collages, easily. There was only one goal: take the best collage maker for the iPhone, and make it better.

We greatly enjoy making Fuzel 2.0 for you, so we hope you also look forward to using the app when it is available on the App Store. For more details on Fuzel 2.0, please go to

Note: Fuzel 2.0 only works on devices running iOS 6.0 and above.



Manga Rock Unity 2.0 is here!

UPDATE: For Manga Rock Unity 2.0, we have moved our database to a new server to improve performance and minimize downtime. However, that causes a lot of corruption in the existing app’s data (downloaded, favorited manga), and fixing that would delay the app much longer. Therefore, when you update Manga Rock Unity this time around, all existing data will be lost. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Today, we are very happy to announce the availability of Manga Rock Unity 2.0 on Wednesday, May 25. This time around , it’s all about being bigger and better. Not only have we added a completely new manga source,, we have also fine tuned many small aspects of the app to keep the reading experience enjoyable.

Here’s the full change log:

New manga source added

  • As requested, we decide to add as the third manga source for Manga Rock Unity

Performance enhanced

  • Many aspects of the app has been fine-tuned
  • Populating the manga library is now completed in less than 5s

Categories filter fine-tuned

  • Search manga by completed/ on-going
  • Search manga is now 3x faster than before

Manga search reworked

  • Search now works much faster
  • Search results now appear in the list view below, in consistent with the iPhone version
  • Now you can search by Author too

“Reset Application” button added back

  • Pressing this button will help you to get a fresh app without going through hassle to reinstall it
  • Be careful that this functions will erase everything (Downloaded, Favorite, Recent)

Small UI tweakded

  • We figure out that most of Manga Rock users normally just read the top 100 manga. Thus we make the tab “Popular” as default filter for Library View.

Pricing plan changed

You can now download the app for  a flat $3.99, there will be no longer in-app purchase in Manga Rock Unity.  Before, Manga Rock Unity is Free to download app, with in-app purchase of $3.99. Essentially, you guys pay the same amount, but we feel that the new pricing will help you guys avoid confusion when choosing the right app to use. With both Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF now Universal Binary, they are perfect for people who are content with only one source. For those who want the convenience of multiple sources in one app, Manga Rock Unity is the one you should go for. Think of it as the Lexus of all manga readers ;)

WARNING: if you have downloaded Manga Rock Unity and unlocked it before, and do not want to be charged again, please download it now while it’s still free for download. Then you can update the app without any worry on Wednesday, May 25.

Thanks for support Manga Rock, you guys are the best!

Not A Basement Studio


For those of you who are asking about Komik Connect, please be patient, since we are making sure that the app will rock just like Manga Rock. We will let you know as soon as we have more info.  Thanks a lot for your continued support!