Manga Rock v1.5.1 now available


Today, we’re excited to launch v1.5.1 of Manga Rock (formerly known as Manga Rock 2, more on the name change later). This version contains new sources, many bug fixes and improvements that makes the app faster, more stable to use.

You can read the full change log and download v1.5.1 here.



Starting from version 1.5, the app is no long called Manga Rock 2, just Manga Rock.

Why the change?

Before, there were 4 versions of Manga Rock apps: 3 legacy Manga Rock apps and Manga Rock 2. This caused many confusion. When we announced Manga Rock 2 last year, we said that we would keep supporting legacy Manga Rock apps for as long as anyone is still using it.

A year later, most of you have already moved to Manga Rock 2.¬†Therefore, we believe it’s time.

Starting from v1.5, Manga Rock 2 will simply be called Manga Rock, and old legacy Manga Rock apps are removed from the App Store. Our other less successful apps are also removed, including Comic Express, Wikly, Chuppy Jump.

As painful as it is to kill off our own creations, it’s a necessary evil.


Instead of spreading ourselves too thin, by removing old and obsolete apps, we’ll be able to spend more time developing key products Manga Rock, Fuzel, and KeepShot – that means more quality updates with less bugs.¬†

Thank you  everyone for supporting us. For now, you can get the latest version of Manga Rock here, or download our latest app KeepShot and get your free photo book (worth $36) here.