New update 1.4 released for Manga Rock 2


We are glad to announce that version 1.4 of Manga Rock 2 has been released. Read on to learn more what’s new in this version.

✯ Chinese localization & source

A large number of our users has been requesting support for Chinese language and manga. In this update, not only we added localization for Chinese (Simplified), we also added over 9,000 titles from - one of the largest sites for Chinese-translated manga & manhua (comics originated in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan).

✯ “Personalize” your reading experience in Settings

  • Customize the display of Favorite and Downloaded list.
  • Choose to auto-delete already read chapters.
  • Choose to auto-download next chapter in online reading.
  • Choose to auto-download the latest chapter for manga in Favorite.

✯ Search across multiple sources

When you search for a manga or author, and if it’s not in the current source, you can choose to search in other available sources.

✯ Smarter filters

You can now “Exclude” categories when searching.

✯ Bug fix

Fix in-app purchase in previous version, which doesn’t allow paid users to repurchase or restore the app

Thank you all for supporting us, now it’s time to update & read some manga!

The NAB Team

A small hiccup [Manga Rock 1.4]

UPDATE: We have COMPLETELY finished fixing the problems. Everything should works normally again. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

All chapters that have pages from the manga “Saint Seiya”  or black/blank pages can now be fixed by:

  • Letting the chapter finished loading
  • Deleting the affected chapter from downloaded
  • Redownloading said chapter again, either online or using download manager, it should now be the correct manga.

Manga that did not get updated (one chapter short compared to now can be updated using either one of the following methods:

  • Do nothing and wait until next week when said manga gets updated, both this week and next week chapters will show up.
  • Reset the catalog, you will lose all of your downloaded manga, but everything will be updated and work correctly.

ORIGINAL: Manga Rock is currently experiencing some server problems, and you might encounter one of the following issues:

  • Chapters that are updated in the last day and a half will be completely black image.
  • Chapters that are updated in the last day and a half will belong to some other manga [Update: name of the manga is "Saint Seiya"] instead of the manga you’re trying to browse.
  • Some manga does not show updates.[UPDATE: THIS BUG NOW HAS BEEN FIXED]

You can still carry on reading as normal for those manga/chapters that did not get affected by the issues mentioned above. Our team is currently fixing it, the whole process should take approximate a few hours. We will update the status on this post regularly, stay tuned for more info. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Manga Rock 1.4 update is now available for download

As we have promised, Manga Rock 1.4 is here to fix our mistake from 1.3. The app now works for iOS 3 as well as iPad users!

So what’s new in this version:

  • Backward compatibility with iOS 3.
  • We have updated our filtering system to deliver more manga to you. US users please check whether you have roughly more than 990+ manga, if you don’t please reset the app from the INFO tab. Users from other countries should have more manga due to less licenses.
  • We have improved the viewer so that it can handle larger pages and chapters.

Again, for those who are still in version 1.2, when you update to v1.4, ALL of your downloaded manga will be DELETED as we have switched to a new source and that required us to purge the database or the app will not function at all. So please, finish reading your downloaded manga first before updating to the latest version.

Also, for those who are interested, we are going to launch a new manga app, Manga Rock MF, that is based on More information can be found at this blog post, and you can be one of the first one to get it by registering your email with us at !

That’s all for now, hope you enjoy your manga using Manga Rock!