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We have received a number of user enquiries regarding Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF’s chapter list not appearing after reading, even though the chapter list appear the first time you launched the app.

It seems that this problem only existed on older iOS (before iOS 4.2). Therefore, it is recommended that for best performance, you should update your device to the latest iOS’s (either 4.2 or 4.3).

One other point, whenever you need help with the app, please send us an email either from the in-app support button, or from our website. We can’t do much for your when you ask for help by writing a review on iTunes, because we do not know who you are nor your contact. You can find the in-app support button below:

Thanks, and have an awesome weekend! Don’t forget to tell the world how much you love #MangaRock!



22 thoughts on “Support Saturday!

  1. I’m on 4.2.1, however all my recently read list is missing after the upgrade. And now I’m trying to read eremental gerard ch84 but it just doesn’t download?

  2. I have the same problem with the newest chapters for Bleach on Manga Rock o.o;; and I’m also on 4.2.1 for the iOS

  3. big deception guy’s manga not downloading and if it does it takes one hour i would rather stay on The older version not even Naruto is working and i also loste all m’y recently read manga all was deleted pleas get this fixxxx!!!!

  4. On ios4.2.1

    My previously downloaded mangas is in the archive folder as mentioned.

    So it’s working fine for me, but I notice mangas with recently updated chapters is not shown under favorites or the whole manga list.

    Is it suppose to b like this for ver2.0?

    Other then that, I like the ver2.0

    Keep it up~ ^_^

  5. While my manga was being imported it crashed and now all the manga i downloaded and favorited is gone, but it still says im using the same amount of diskspace. Like a ghost wasting physical space on my ipods memory.

  6. The new v. Is too slow. And it something saids: “important information downloading please wait” and then it stays like that for about 30 minutes and you can not do anything.

  7. Ok, the problem I got is a bit difference from other. I have problem with some manga like amatsuki, kenichi the strongest disciple, etc. I spend hours & days just to download these manga, some of the chapters come up blanks pages. Mostl likely, the first 10 chapters is ok. But after that is no good. I have to re-download them again and again until it is show. But only some chapter show and some still missing. So this is just wasting lot of my time and electricity bill cause I have to put my iPhone 4 charging all the time with the download. Can u guys help me fixing this.

  8. Okay so I redownloaded manga rock again got the full version and now it will load up manga rock but crash. So this sucks because all my manga I was downloading is all gone. Anyway u guys can fix this

  9. How do you update?! Whenever i try, it kept disconnecting!!! I like the old version better though this loads very fast, if i can’t read it, i prefer the old version.

    (no offence)

  10. That’s all great but now my chapters are popping up loaded and are blank when I attempt to read them… I can’t keep restarting this app. Not only is this time consuming since it makes me Lise all my manga info but it takes away my reading time… Help!!! 

  11. Hi some of my manga just comes up with one page but i know there are like 20 can you help?
    And sometomes it will download but they will be blank ?

  12. I already update my iPhone to the latest but I still have this problem hope u can quickly fix it thank you my iOS is 4.3

  13. I find the new version slower it also won’t show chapter lists that I’ve already read no matter what I try and some chapter won’t download at all and if they do they are missing chapters
    Manga rock has always been one of my favorite apps and I appreciate your hard work but I preferred the old version to the recently updated one

  14. The new version has so many bugs I don’t know where to start. Lack of recents. Increased chance of miss download. Deleting downloads and then redownloding. Missing chapter list. Reload page button fail rate of over 50%. Closing app when new chapter is acceded when you pass a downloaded chapter into an undownloaded chapter. When downloading a manga by reading display of the wrong page. Other minor or forgotten errors. The last version was slower at downloading and only did so when app was open but had less errors and was honestly better. New version just needs a few fixed glitches and it will be much better. Thanks for your hard work and understanding.

  15. Correction: When your reading as it’s downloading ( not in queue ) wrong page is possible displayed. Also, manga rock sometimes quits unexspectedly as happened while typing this the first time.

  16. For some reason my app manga rock has been crashing 1 second after I open it!! I have paid the extra money to unlock multiple downloAds and now it obviously doesn’t work!! What should I do??

    Ps I have the latest os

  17. Hey, I’m just wondering what’s the point of archiving the manga
    Couldnt downloaded and the manga that was previously downloaded pre 2.0 fall under the same tab? My favourited manga tell me I have to download all chapters to be up to date even though I have it archived.

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