Sale off for this holiday season


Hi guys,

To celebrate this holiday season, Not A Basement Studio offers you a chance to download our apps free or with only $0.99.

Chuppy Jump $0.99

Comic Express $0.99

Wikly $0.99

Manga Rock Free

Manga Rock Unity $0.99

Manga Rock MF Free

This is limited time promotion. So, check out our apps now for a great holiday season.

Thanks for your love and support for our products.

We wish you a Warm Christmas and all the best for 2012.

Not A Basement Studio.



3 thoughts on “Sale off for this holiday season

  1. Is this the “unlocked” manga fox were getting free? To unlock it costs money right? So is this the full thing?

  2. LIES!!!LIES I SAY!!!(ใ€’โ–กใ€’#))))))
    we all know manga rock and manga rock mf will never ever REAALLY and TRULY be real!

  3. I mean….”…ever REALLY and TRULY be for free!!!”
    ….(=.=”) I don’t think anyone truly got the real “impact”…
    I sound so lame…(; _ ;#)

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