Manga Rock Android 1.4: Introducing Cover Mode


Manga Rock Android 1.4.0 is now available for Android devices. Here is everything you need to know about this major update:

Cover Mode
Cover Mode is an all-new, beautiful way to navigate through your manga in All Manga, Latest Updates, Favorites, Recents, and Downloaded views. Different from List Mode, which only shows manga names, this viewing options shows multiple manga covers at once. To access it, you only need to tap the switch button at the top right corner of these aforementioned views.

Personalized startup screen
In previous version, the default startup screen of Manga Rock Android is always the All Manga view. However, if you use the app for a long time, you will find this setting very inconvenient. Most of you return to Manga Rock only to check new releases of your favorited manga, or to track all the latest updates.

In version 1.4, we added a new setting in “Personalize” to let you choose your own startup screen as either All Manga, Latest Updates, Favorites, Downloaded, or Recents view.

Free downloaded slots (Beta)
This new feature allows free users to get extra downloaded slots via Tapjoy!

That’s all for now, guys. Enjoy your manga and have a nice day!

The NAB Team

Manga Rock 1.6.6 now available

First of all, we sincerely apologize for the issue with in-app purchase in the previous version 1.6.5 – users who have paid for the full version of the app was shown that they were now using the free version. Some were able to restore their purchases, while some encountered crashes when attempting to restore.

Today’s release 1.6.6 fixed this issue permanently.

For those that have already paid for the full version before and is currently using the free version, simply restore your purchase as followed:

1. Launch Manga Rock & go to the app’s settings (the gear icon)
2. Tap on the green “Purchase Full Version”
3. Tap “Restore”

You will then be able to restore your in-app purchase again.

Again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused, please continue to show us your support. Thank you, and have a great day!

You can get the update HERE

fuzel 2.0: animated collage


First of all, we’d like to thank everyone for your immense support – the new Fuzel received almost 1 million download in less than a month, and was featured as “Best New Apps” on the App Store in over 40 countries!

Today, we’re excited to announce the 2.0 update for the Fuzel. Read on to learn more :


For the first time ever, your photos are more than just static images. Fuzel 2.0 lets you put photos together, add your favorite music, and see them play out in a fun and stylish fashion, like this:

Animated collage lets you share your stories in a more complete way. You’ll see your photos in both collage form, and individually. This is particularly great for users with beautifully-taken photos, who don’t want to lose out the little details.

Unlike a normal slideshow that only display photos after photos, Fuzel’s animated collages know exactly which part of a photo you want to focus, based on that photo’s position in the collage. We even analyze the song you choose, and match the photo transition time to the beats for the best viewing experience.

So how do you make an animated collage? It’s super simple:

1. Make a photo collage like normal – consider playing around with different frames, stickers or labels.
2. Switch to “Animated Collage” mode.
3. Choose a song in your library, or use the embedded tracks.
4. Just press Play and enjoy!

Once done, you can share it with friends via social networks, or save onto your iPhone in HD quality.



The sidebar has been redesigned for better access to the brand new Discover section and the Fuzel Store. Discover is where you view and get inspired by beautiful collages made by us and other Fuzel users.

If you want to be featured in the Discover section and get viewed by millions of others, share your collages with #fuzel on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Everyday, we’ll look at all of them, and we’ll get in touch to feature your works. So share on!



Layout Shuffle is one of the most loved new features in Fuzel – it lets you randomize layouts smartly for the most suitable ones for your photos. In this new update, you now have the option to choose between the Basic layouts, or the special Funky and Freeform ones for more fun-looking collages.



The app now supports login via Twitter & Email, in addition to Facebook.

A very important note: even though you can purchase packages normally without login in, you’re encouraged to do so – we’ll know which packages you have purchased and let you restore them in the case of reinstall/new device.



Fuzel employs a unique credit system for purchasing additional decoration packages. You can get credits via in-app purchase, but it’s not the only way.

You can earn free credits by:

1. Finishing simple tasks, such as following us on Instagram.
2. Doing special offers.
3. Inviting your friends to try Fuzel – every time a friend installs the app, you’ll get 20 credits!


That’s it, you can download the free update HERE. We can’t wait to see your animated collages!

Thank you for an amazing 2013




This year is coming to an end soon, and we’d like to take this opportunity to express our deepest thanks to everyone who has supported us thus far. You guys are the sole reason why we do what we do – knowing that our products make your life better puts a huge smile on our face.

So THANK YOU, have a great holiday with your family and loved ones. Please continue supporting us in the coming new year!

Oh, do check out all the new holiday packages in Fuzel to make beautiful collages like these:

The NAB Team

new Fuzel now available on App Store

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We’re very excited to announce that the new Fuzel is finally here. The new Fuzel is a fun way to make collages on your iPhone. With feedbacks from over 2 million users, we were able to make Fuzel into a brand new, much more fulfilling and fun collage making experience.


Thanks to all the latest APIs in the iOS 7 SDK, the new Fuzel has many cool new features and improvements, making it much more empowering and enabling, while remaining very simple to use.

However, using all the new APIs also means that the new Fuzel is only available to devices running iOS 7.0 and above. To alleviate the risk of you losing old collages when updating from the old Fuzel to the new one, we’re releasing the new Fuzel as a brand new, separate app.

We’re still keeping the old Fuzel on store and continue to provide technical support for it. Our plan is to phase them out slowly in the future when all of the existing users have already migrated to the new app.



This is probably the best thing about the new Fuzel: it will be TOTALLY FREE to download!

You won’t have to pay any extra money for any features – the new Fuzel packs more than everything that the old ones (Free + Pro) ever offered and many more.

Besides the Store where you can use credits to purchase additional decorating items, all the key features are already there when you install the app.



To celebrate the launch (and Thanksgiving!), we are having a HUGE sale for our store this weekend only: the Thanksgiving bundle is 50% OFF, and many select store packages are 50-75% OFF!

With a brand new, fun, and free Fuzel app, we really hope you will have lots of fun telling your stories. We can’t wait to see what you will create with the app. 

You can download the new Fuzel HERE.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The NAB Team