Our servers got fixed!

In the last few days, we receive quite a few numbers of feedback from users on how slow the downloading speed was, as well as a number of manga downloading errors (partial downloads, blank pages etc.). It seems that our server received more requests from Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF than ever since the 2.0 update. It’s good to see a whole lot of people are using our apps. The bad news? The server couldn’t take it, and we saw the result.

However, we were able to get everything back up and running normally. Not only we were able to make it more resilient than before, we also discovered a rare bug that has beenĀ plaguingĀ Manga Rock’s users since day 1: the infamous “everything disappeared” or “my Favorites is gone!” bug. It turns out that whenever the server experiences a problem, the app is more prone to this bug. We are hard at work to fix this bug in the upcoming update.

Expect a pleasant surprise soon! For now, enjoy your manga!




45 thoughts on “Our servers got fixed!

  1. thanks i loved this app forever.you guys must of worked hard so ty guys for all you do :D
    your loyal customer

  2. thx Guy’s Nice to see such fast respons Hope to see your hard work pay off soonnnn :-D with the new update !!!!

  3. I’m still having problems . Once I read a chapter, I can’t read the manga again unless it’s updated..

  4. Thank you for making this app it is a great way to read manga on the go I hope the update will make these disappearing manga reappear

    Thanks again

  5. I really enjoy your manga app and really appreciate the hardwork you guys put out. Thanks for all your time! Please do your best and your efforts won’t go unnoticed!

  6. You guys are probably super busy but I gotta tell you that new updates for example for Bleach aren’t showing.
    I press the updated chapter and it tells me there’s 0 pages.

  7. You guys are awesome! Thanks for the fix up. Don’t mean to be a nag but the catagorey divider doesn’t work well or you guys did this intentionally. I’m not sure but I always come up with nothing when I select 2+ categories. Sometimes I do get some mangas but not always. Just throwing an Idea out there for you! Thanx

  8. I’ve been effected by the bug three times now, but it’s not too big of a deal since I find more things to read when readding. I will hold off til adding things again until the update though since it erased everything again that was added last night. Can’t wait for the update. Thanks for the hard work.

  9. Hope the bug can be fix cos yesterday I had my everything gone after the app crash down; ask me dont know why, but from the total disc space is telling me the manga I download this still there :(

  10. Thanks for your great apps – really like the new upate for MR :)
    However, my favorites are all gone after the update :( Fortunately my DLed mangas are still there *Phew*
    I didnt check the Manga Fox website but Skip Beat is showing only the 1st page for the whole chapter, eg when i DL chapter 171, all 29-30pg showed the same image. I tried deleting and redownloading the same chapter at least twice more but still the same result. Tried another chapter, again the same thing. Could ypu please look into it? Thanks.
    Looking forward to your Komik Connect app~
    Thanks for all your hardwork! Appreciating it :)
    - another loyal customer ;)

  11. I appreciate the effort you guys put into this. I would like to request that you contact Andy, the admin of mangable, and see if you guys can’t connect with their account system. Thanks, and tell Andy I sent ya! XD

  12. Hi

    Since 12 Mar, I’ve not been able to go into my Manga Rock app. After I click on the app, it opens briefly and then it closes again. It has been a week since this happened. Please advise as I can’t view the manga that I’ve downloaded in there and Manga Rock MF doesn’t carry some of the titles from Manga Rock.

  13. Thank u very much I haven’t been hit too hard only problem was I download chapters then couldn’t view them just blanks either than that so far so good and thank for your app

  14. I lover your app. One problem though. I’m stuck on chapter 128 of Mahou Sensei Negima! and the chapter downloaded but the pages are blank. Could you fix that? I’ll reply when it’s better!

  15. Ive just noticed that my recent only records 15 chapters before it starts to delete the oldest entry. Is this a bug or part of the update? It’s not a huge problem since I can look up a chapter in my downloaded but it is a little upsetting not being able to see the entire list.

  16. Hi Yvonne,

    Do you have any manga or chapters that are downloading? If yes, you can try to turn on Air Plane mode in your device. Then open the app,cancel all the existing downloading manga and chapters.

    Turn off the air plane mode, then try to use the app again.

  17. I’m using MR Unity for ipad, but till today, i still cannot view Billy Bat from chapter 35 onwards! Every time i downloaded them, they r all blank pages. Tried to download from both Mangable & Mangafox but still blank pages. I can see the chapters from 35 onwards in MR for iphone, but not in ipad! And Unity cannot display the chapter list if eg. Mangable has some running number chapters skipped, ie chpt 1-35, 46-53.
    Please help.

  18. Just been hit by the “my favorites” and “everything is gone” bug :(. It sais I use up over 900mb of space but can’t see anything downloaded >_<

  19. Dude! My catalog, favorite, recent & downloaded is totally blank! Something worst than all the above happened?

  20. What’s wrong with the app? I can’t import the catalog~~~ Does someone else has the same problem, or just myself?

  21. Betwene March 31st and April 4th I couldn’t get it to update new chapters at all. Right now it seems to be able to refresh and update new chapters as it used to.

    However some chapters dissapeard in a void. Hajime no Ippo chapter 931 “Reporting in, With a Smile” finaly showed up a few days later but only shows 0/0 pages so doesn’t work.
    And KissxSis chapter 47 doesn’t show up at all, even now when things supposedly are “working” again.

    At least those chapters can always be read on a computer but I hate to get out of my bed when I’m reading manga ^_^

  22. Chapters keep disapearing on me :( I’ll view the info of a manga when suddenly all of the chapters for said manga will disappear! It’s been happening for a while now…. Is there any way to be able to read my manga again? Please fix…? ;-;

  23. Love the app guys but the server problem still seems to be happening. Hope you can sort it. Thanks for all the hard work. Yoroshiku!

  24. I am not able to view any manga at all! Can I have some advice on how to fix this please. I love using this amazing app and have not been able to for a little while now

  25. Noticed the same today. Seeing blank pages in a majority of titles, and only archived pages seem to view properly. Otherwise I’m unable to read anything anymore.

    Any word on if a server or client fix is coming soon?

  26. Same as mj, alot of blank manga and nothing is downloading. I pray you fix this quickly. I beed a fan of the mamga fox apps since it came out and i can say you guys improved it greatly since then. So please continue to do so.

  27. I’m dowloading a lot of blank mangas. Please fix this asap. It’s been 3 days. I really love this app.

  28. I cant download any new update manga….they all keep showing blank black pages..what happen?? I wanna read the new chapter of gto..

  29. I have been only been getting blank pages for almost every manga on my favorites list & to make it worse that even includes DL of new chapters from my favorites list or from the manga list ~Please Fix~

  30. I love this app but the update issue is a little bit annoying.

    The blank pages is not a serious issue, just tap the reload button on the top left and you’ll have it, it worked for me every time I had it.

    I’ve never had any disappearing manga in favourites/recent/downloaded so far I’ve had the software since … 1 week ago?

    But the “new chapters that disappear and (at least in my case) are never shown again issue” solve it please :(…

  31. No new manga has been viewable since march. They simply don’t show up. Oh sure, they pop up in “Updates” and you get a nice little “1″ next to your favorite manga but if you go look at it there’s nothing there :/

  32. I sent a message to them about the blank page and a few days later fixed. I love this app.

  33. When i go to my manga rock mf app and go to my favorites and i cant scroll down to browse, and then it gets stuck at favorites.

  34. When i go to my manga rock mf app and go to my favorites and i cant scroll down to browse, and then it gets stuck at favorites. Also i cant exit out and then it disconnects me from the app.

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