is officially down, but Manga Rock is still working fine!

A quick update to let you know that is now officially gone. It is sad, indeed. Every party has to end, one way or another…

However, not all is lost. The good news is, we have figured out a way to let you to continue enjoying and downloading your favorite manga using Manga Rock!

NOTE: some of you may experience one of these two things:

- The app telling you that the manga is suspended

- The app taking very long to update the catalog (more than 3-5 minutes, depending on your connection speed)

If you have experienced either one of those, please reset your catalog using the RESET button inside the info tab. Please do not worry about the downloaded manga, their listing will be gone, but the images are still there. Just add those manga to download using the catalog and it will be there again, no need to wait for them to download again.

Not only that, we are almost done with version 1.3 and will be submitting it to Apple in the next few days. I will post the change log very soon. For now, enjoy your manga using Manga Rock!



29 thoughts on “ is officially down, but Manga Rock is still working fine!

  1. What will be the specific changes to you app and will the servers left up by onemanga be updating at all.

  2. Am having problems with my app. When I try to open pages I’ve already downloaded, the app crashes and goes back to the apple homescreen. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading the specific chapters that make my app crash but manga rock is unable to redownload the chapters. And even if I delete the chapter and open the chapter from the catalog page to read it, I am able to read it but it does not register on the downloads page. This problem started even before onemanga was taken down.

  3. Suddenly all the manga is showing as completed but I’m sure those are not completed. Does that mean that there won’t be any more new chapters?

  4. Just thought I’d mention a few other good sites out there that you could possibly use for your app.

    There is actually a chrome extension for Manga(One Manga Reader, now called All Mangas Reader) that faced the same problems as you with the recent closure of and they seem to have found success using the above websites.

    Btw, Incredible app, I love it!

  5. this is good for naruto scans.. thoe i think you finished and also may you update fairy tail? i think manga foz has the things for fairytail plz update it more often . AWESOME app btw … :]

  6. The chapter numbers are not correct for several series. in one piece the app tells that it is chapter 596 but the real chapter number is 594. Also the newest chapter for several series are missing, they came a few days ago. Other than that it is a really great app

  7. Hello ive been using manga rock to read naruto manga and i know that onemanga has closed its webbie. Should i still expect to see new naruto chapters in mangarock app? Since before its status is updated weekly then now its status is completed. So please email me on this concern and tell me that u will be uploading new naruto chapters please? Thanks

  8. I don’t know if anyone else had this happen to them, but suddenly about 200 mangas dissapeared from my catalog, including naruto, bleach, and one piece! Please try to solve this and bring them back as soon as possible.

  9. Nope. That’s why all series are marked “completed”. For now, you can only view what’s currently there. However, we have already submitted version 1.3 to Apple for review with a new manga source, which allows you to receive weekly manga update as normal.

  10. version 1.3 should be iPad-compatible (meaning it should work on the iPad, but not a universal binary app). However, we do have plan for an iPad-version of Manga Rock, just not now since we need to iron out the kinks from the whole OneManga’s closing down.

  11. i just downloaded manga rock coz my cousin recommended it to me. in her itouch, she has the manga “Bleach” while i don’t have it D:
    could you tell me why? :((

  12. Hi, I got a problem with manga rock. Since I downloaded the last update I can’t start the app anymore. It says: manga rock is loading and then it suddenly closes down. I can only start it when i got no internet connection, but I can’t download manga that way.

  13. I used the reset button cuz the catalog wasn’t refreshing.
    Now all my downloaded manga was gone. But as u said, juz re-add them from the catalog they’ll appear as they are still there. But problem some I can’t rem. And some like bleach are not in the catalog anymore.
    How can I recover them or even fully purge them?

  14. One way to fully purge them is to delete the app and reinstall it. It will ask you to re-unlock. Just proceed as normal, but you will not be charged again.

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