Newly discovered bug in Manga Rock MF & news about Manga Rock HD

Recently we have received a few feedbacks regarding the app Manga Rock MF crashing. We have discovered that the app will crash if users start to use the app while it’s still updating the manga catalog. We apologize for the inconvenience, a fix for this bug will be included in the next update for Manga Rock MF. For now, here is a temporary workaround :

1. Exit the app, quit its background process (if you’re using iOS 4), then relaunch. Please patiently wait for the app to finish updating its catalog. It may take a while if you have not restarted the app in a whilte.

2. If the app takes very long to update, it’s best to reset the app from the INFO tab. CAUTION: all downloaded manga will be deleted upon reset.

As for those of you asking about Manga Rock HD for the iPad, YES IT IS COMING SOON! We are in the final stage of development, and after some more testing, it will be ready to BLOW YOUR MINDs away. Be prepared for it



10 thoughts on “Newly discovered bug in Manga Rock MF & news about Manga Rock HD

  1. This is good news, but more importantly are you planning on adding a refresh button (or something similar) on the iphone app? because it’s a pain to always restart the app on iOS 4 in order to refresh the catalog. Speaking of bugs, the update badge on the favorites tab hasn’t appeared for a while now for whatever reason. I hope it can be solved with a bug corrective update because I’ve already reset the app numerous times before and it’s tedious to set your favorite list every time.

  2. Hi there,

    Personaly have been waiting for an ipad version since even before i had unboxed my ipad.

    I just have a question though, is the iPad verion coming out with or without mangafox (or maybe only one version of the app on iPad?) ?

    Thank you for your work / time, keep it up =)

  3. Can’t wait for the Manga Rock HD.

    I presume this is the version for the large res devices like the iPad?

    It’s been several weeks since I heard about it, and it’s still coming soon…
    At this point, I would settle for the app being released first instead of completing the feature set.

    Several things I’d want on a manga reader app:
    - Option to read zip compressed manga instead of having to download it from catalog. The catalog is huge, but there’s some things that is not available there.
    - The ability to choose multiple catagory to filter the manga in the catalog
    - Transfer / backup mangas downloaded in case we need to do complete restore of the iPad. The coming updrage to iOS 4.2 have me worried here.

    Kept waiting for it to be released instead of downloading mangas on the MF since the manga I download on the MF definitely wont be transferable the the HD.

  4. there are more bug which i launch the app and it was downloading library again then all my favorite, recent Downloads disappeared so i checked info about storage used and it still be the same. Anyways, i can choose the same manga and touch download then my manga that i already downloaded show in a flash. it means that it’s still there but i can’t see it in the page.

  5. Hi FW, Manga Rock HD is designed for the iPad specifically. Currently it’s in its final stage of development and we will be submitting the app to Apple next week. More info regarding the app will be released soon. Cheers!

    I really can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    So far, in the wait for Manga Rock HD, I’ve tried a few other manga reader/downloader and NONE are better than the Manga Rock MF (even though the other apps are actually supposed to be for the iPad).

    The only gripe I got at the moment is the small space that’s not used all around the frame of the iPad because of the scaling.

    Another odd thing I noticed is that the main interface doesn’t seem to rotate along with the orientation of the iPad for some reason. I think it happens after I upgraded to iOS 4.2.1 GM. Might be something you want to look at. Not really a deal breaker though. Just that bit of extra polish.

    Another thing that I’d suggest for improvement is the ability to set how many concurrent download the program runs on the download queue. Other manga apps are quite a bit faster on downloads cause they can download multiple chapters in one go.

    Lastly, is there any way to subscribe to some kind of newsletter on the release of the app?

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