New website has arrived!

It’s been 3 days since Manga Rock MF is launched and we must say, it has been fantastic!¬†Manga Rock MF is now one of the top 3 book apps in the Singapore App Store, and it among the top 100 book apps in over 40 countries. We are thrilled.

As for the Manga Rock MF’s iPod nano giveaway, we will be announcing the first winner in a few hours. That means you can still be the lucky winner of a brand new iPod nano by following the instruction¬†here.

Also, you may have noticed that Not A Basement Studio’s websites now sports a completely new look, prettier ( we hope) and more usable as well. Do tell us what you think about it i and what can be improved.

That’s all the updates for now, enjoy Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF and don’t forget to enter our Manga Rock MFs iPod nano giveaway and be one of the two lucky winners!



2 thoughts on “New website has arrived!

  1. Any reason that the Manga Rock MF might be missing manga from the MangaFox website? I know the website no longer has an licensed manga on it so is there a reason that some of the manga are still missing.

  2. @ShadowC: Hi, Apple asked us to remove some manga due to “objectionable contents”, because some manga such as Futari Ecchi contains nudity and erotic images that they seemed not appropriate. I hope that answers your question. Thanks.

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