[New update] Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF 2.3.1 is available for download today!

iOS 3 users, rejoice as the hot fix that you were asking for have arrived. In this version 2.3.1 of both Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF, we have fixed the crashes iOS 3 users experienced, the apps should work again for you all. Some minor bugs for iOS 3 users have also been fixed. Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for theĀ inconvenienceĀ caused.

So what’s can you expect in the next version 2.4 of Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF?

  • We will drop support for iOS 3. Why? Many features that we plan for Manga Rock will only work on iOS 4 and above. iOS 4 has been out for over a year, so guys, please update your device to the latest firmware to get the best out of it.
  • Some of you complaint about the inconsistence in performance in Manga Rock apps. We are adding TestFlight’s live crash and bug reporting system into our apps, so that we have a better understanding of what’s going with our apps. In real-time. What does that mean? Better app performance.


Thank you all for your support. Now, download Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF and enjoy your favorite manga!



5 thoughts on “[New update] Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF 2.3.1 is available for download today!

  1. I’m really happy that you guys are so committed to providing the best experience possible for your readers. Keep up the good work! <3

  2. What exactly is ios3 and 4? I have tried to google it but it doesn’t make sense and there aren’t straight answers. Is iOS4 only for certain generations if iTouch/iPhone?

  3. iOS is the operating system of the ipod touch, iphone and ipad. It is like Windows for a pc.
    You can update it to a new version for free.

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