New update 1.4 released for Manga Rock 2


We are glad to announce that version 1.4 of Manga Rock 2 has been released. Read on to learn more what’s new in this version.

✯ Chinese localization & source

A large number of our users has been requesting support for Chinese language and manga. In this update, not only we added localization for Chinese (Simplified), we also added over 9,000 titles from - one of the largest sites for Chinese-translated manga & manhua (comics originated in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan).

✯ “Personalize” your reading experience in Settings

  • Customize the display of Favorite and Downloaded list.
  • Choose to auto-delete already read chapters.
  • Choose to auto-download next chapter in online reading.
  • Choose to auto-download the latest chapter for manga in Favorite.

✯ Search across multiple sources

When you search for a manga or author, and if it’s not in the current source, you can choose to search in other available sources.

✯ Smarter filters

You can now “Exclude” categories when searching.

✯ Bug fix

Fix in-app purchase in previous version, which doesn’t allow paid users to repurchase or restore the app

Thank you all for supporting us, now it’s time to update & read some manga!

The NAB Team