NAB and the makers of Online Manga Reader bonded. New product on the way!

We are very pleased to announce that the makers of the popular iPhone and iPad app, “Online Manga Reader”, will be joining us, Not A Basement Studio, ¬†under one roof. This permanent bonding promises to deliver even more awesome apps in the future!

That’s not the only good news we have. Chinese New Year is just around the corner, the Year of the Rabbit will witness a giant leap in the world of comics and manga. Komik Connect will be sure to please¬†manga otaku and comics fans all around the world.

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Now, the manga and comics world are not gonna be the same…



8 thoughts on “NAB and the makers of Online Manga Reader bonded. New product on the way!

  1. You have just released manga rock unity, and now you are going to release a new app Komik Connect which I suppose you will be charging for it. Doesn’t it make the purchaser of the manga rock unity a fool? Why don’t you just update manga rock unity?

  2. hi there, is it me or is it not possible to select more than 1 category when filtering manga? i.e. i can see seinen manga, but not seinen + any other category.

    please keep up the great work on this app.

  3. don’t you just said that you will never launch a new app and will only make launched app the best app ever!!? do i have to change app again after i bought manga rock, manga rock MF and Unity?

  4. So, this manga has something to do with manga, but essentially won’t make me feel like I’ve wasted money on the other apps? Hopefully more info comes up soon! I’m curious.

  5. Hello, NAB.

    Would you please update us on the status of Komik Connect? It’s been nearly 2 months since you announced the mobile web portal, and on February 24, you said, “Komik Connect mobile app. Wanna try it out? That’s right! You can use Komik Connect app even before it is officially available on the iTunes App Store.” You updated that post later to say “We have sent out 10 ad-hob [sic] builds to lucky users….The app is now in review by Apple! We will let you know as soon as it launches!”

    I know that the approval process used to take weeks at times, but it now takes hours or days, but at no point did it take two months. What’s more, I came to your site today for information, finding nothing at all about Komik Connect but I see that you’ve announced a new product called Wikly! Glance. Have you completely abandoned Komik Connect? If so, then say so. If not, then let us know its status and when we can expect the Komik Connect app to be available on the App Store.

    Personally I have been waiting for Komik Connect since the day you announced it. The Unity app, which would otherwise be the next best option, still has bugs and difficulties that make it difficult to use, which I won’t list here for brevity. (One thing I will note, however, is that new manga are added very slowly to the database, and old manga apparently are being removed all the time.)

    Without a favorable update about the future of Komik Connect, I will be moving away from Not A Basement’s apps and services entirely. I am only one person, and you have already received my money for Unity, so the direct impact of my action will be small. But it’s more than that. It speaks to the way you treat your customers. Promising an app, even saying that it’s in review, and then completely ignoring it for two months without so much as “We’re still working on it” doesn’t instill trust in your customers. I can’t believe that I am the only person who feels this way.

    I don’t expect a response to this comment. After all, when I wrote you with my thoughts and suggestions about Unity on Jan 31, you didn’t even bother to respond with a thank you, despite the time I took (about two hours). I would be happy for you to prove me wrong by addressing my comments here. Thank you, regardless, for taking the time to read this.

    Kuro Toshiro

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