Manga Rock’s images loading issues

We have recently received feedbacks from users regarding Manga Rock image loading. Some of the pages will look like this below:


Manga Rock image loading

It seems that mangable themselves has seen very large traffic and this page has been implemented to prevent the server from going down. We are currently working closely with Mangable to resolve this issue in a timely manner. More info will be announced soon. Thank you for your patient and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.




5 thoughts on “Manga Rock’s images loading issues

  1. How long until we can start reading manga again??? does anyone know please lemme know thanks

  2. Really I get the problem but when customers have to ‘suffer’ through the process it means that this is the kind of problem the should’ve been handled before it happened, so to speak. I hope you all don’t feel stressed but please work hard and thank you for you hard work that you given us already!!

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