Manga Rock v1.3 is here, and we messed up (a little bit)

This version took a lot longer to be approved by Apple than we expected, but it is finally here. So what’s changed in this version?

  • Bugs fixed
  • App performance enhanced
  • Individual manga chapter list reset button added in manga info
  • Manga source switched from to
  • WARNING: This update will REMOVE ALL YOUR DOWNLOADED MANGA because we are switching to a new source. If you wish to finish reading your downloaded manga first, DO NOT UPDATE!

That’s the good news, we’ve got our new version, we’ve got our new source, we’ve got our weekly updates. Here’s the bad news, we messed up (a little bit). This version was supposed to support iOS 3, but it is not. Due to a mistake we made during the submission process, the iAds library (one of the reasons for the incompatibility with iOS 3) was not taken out. This means that iOS 3 users will have to wait a little longer for version 1.4 (already been submitted) ¬†or Manga Rock MF, which will be fully compatible with iOS 3. For now, enjoy v1.3! It should be a few hours before you can actually download the app since it is being rolled out through all of Apple’s servers!

We are terribly sorry for the mistake we made and thank you for your understanding and support. Right now, we are working our hardest to get Manga Rock 1.4 and Manga Rock for iPad ready. For the rest of you, please go to our website to be one of the first to get Manga Rock MF!



21 thoughts on “Manga Rock v1.3 is here, and we messed up (a little bit)

  1. You drag your feet. Release broken updates. Expect us to pay again for MF and iPad, which I’m certain will be broken. How long do you intend to steal from your users?

  2. Nice

    But it seems that the download is too slow unlike the previous version

    I hope you make it as fast as v 1.2 :)


  3. the downloads are very slow,,
    is this just for a couple of days or is it going to stay like that.

    and what is the release dat of manga rock MF?

  4. Great.
    I was waiting for this update for quite some time since I’m on iOS3, and unfortunately did the previous update. I read the description on iTunes, and it said : “Backward compatibility for iOS3 users added”
    so I just updated my app, happy that I would be able to resume the reading of my downloaded mangas.

    So : now I have an app that still isn’t working on my iphone, AND I don’t have any mangas anymore ?
    Congrats on this one.

  5. I’m not too happy with the way app updates are being done. I haven’t been able to read mangas using v1.2 because of the iOS 3.0 incompatibility (I know I could upgrade to iOS 4.0 but it’s a bit problematic with iPhone 3G phones, plus there aren’t that many new features for that model).

    So, it’s been about two months without being able to use the app. Now I’m supposed to pay for the MF version and the iPad version (which will be about $5 or so, I’m sure). What guarantee do we have that your support will be better in the future? I know you guys are a small studio but customer support is one of the basic things that need to be done well.

  6. i already did and i filled in all my email accounts XD.
    i already bought the manga rock full version. im glad there is a discount the first three days.

    unfortunately the waiting time at apple is between 2 hours and 2 weeks :(
    (sometimes a month*)

  7. Good to here about the new update but I was wondering, if I upgrade to v1.3 will the app have to be re-unlocked?

  8. Hey!

    Love the app but disappointed about your shift to from Care to explain why?

  9. @Shikhar: thank you for using Manga Rock. As for the move from to, since Onemanga has closed down permanently, there is no more weekly updates. has a similar database (not exact, but close), so we have decided to shift there, giving you and other users back your weekly manga update goodness. I hope that answers your question and thank you again for supporting us.

  10. No, you will not need to re-unlock. If you happen to restore your device or re-install the app, it will ask you to unlock again. Just unlock like before, but this time there is no charge incurred.

  11. i noticed my download speed is fast again.

    i’m very happy now :D

    i can read my manga again! HRHR!
    im looking forward to manga rock MF..

  12. I didn’t knew this and all my content is removed! :’(
    I’ve let my iPod on for a few days to download alot of manga…….
    All for nothing

  13. I have updated to v1.3 already but my catalog has nothing. I don’t know why and what should i do to update my catalog now. Please help me!

  14. @Tran: hi Tran, if you happen to restore your device or reinstall the app, it will ask you to unlock again. Just proceed to unlock like before by keying in your iTunes account’s details, but this time there will be no charges incur. I hope that helps. :)

  15. i went on the website and saw that there were manga such as naruto, one piece etc, i would like to know if VIZ titles are available on the 1.3/1.4 update?

  16. I saw many Manga in mangable which are not in Mangarock .. why ?

    I hope MangaRock MF will provide all Mangafox manga .. if not .. I don’t know what to say ..

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