Manga Rock Unity: in review! Manga Rock MF 1.1: submitted!

Hi guys, just a small post to let you guys know that Manga Rock Unity has been in review for 2 days by Apple. If nothing goes wrong (Let’s cross our fingers!), we should be seeing Unity on the store very soon. Again, in order to know the exact launch date, do register your email with us here!

Also, another long-over-due update for Manga Rock MF has been submitted to Apple. There are 3 new exciting features in this update:
- Background downloading: your manga can now be downloaded in the background!
- Pull to refresh: Just pull to refresh the catalog! No need to quit the app anymore!
- Automatic re-download: broken images will be redownloaded automatically!

Got any questions? Leave a comment or send us an email and we will get back to you!



8 thoughts on “Manga Rock Unity: in review! Manga Rock MF 1.1: submitted!

  1. Just a couple more wishlist I’d like to add:

    1. Some way to specify “download from this chapter onwards”.

    It’s kind of tedious to click on every single chapter
    This happens a couple of times when I’ve already read a manga up to a certain chapter and just want to read the subsequent chapters ASAP.

    2. Some way to control download queue. At the very least, move items around in main download queue. AKA, which manga title gets downloaded first.

    Sometimes I find mangas I find interesting, and I want to get a couple chapters of it queued on top of the queue.

  2. what’s about divind recent read and recent download into two separate icon

    coz sometime i download 10 or more manga a time

    and i can’t remember which one i just download recently i have to click every suspect manga – -”

    i’m looking forward to unity ^^

  3. Today I reinstalled Manga Rock MF because it was being crappy,
    (I did unlocked Manga Rock MF) but when I tried to unlock it again it
    says I’m not authorized to buy from the app store? What to do?

  4. Here’s to hoping the issue with MangaRock MF resetting itself (losing downloads/re-listing manga at startup/losing favorites/etc..) when the app is shut down is resolved… I still can’t use it because of that. It needs to be fixed~

  5. I hate it when the app resets :( or when you have the black screens and the option to download the page doesn’t come
    Up :((

  6. there’s still problem for some manga
    example they say that they have 55 chap
    but when I look into it it only has 54 chap with 2 chapter 53
    or in some case they have 116 117 then skip 118 and go to 119 = =
    can you check about this?
    mangas that I hve prob with is GE good ending,sekirei etc.

  7. Manga Rock Unity is nice for viewing etc but it can’t actually download anything unless you pay 3.99 as and additional cost when we have already paid 0.99 isn’t that really expensive.

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