Manga Rock Unity: available 18th December!

It is official! Manga Rock Unity will be available for download on the 18th of December!

So far we have received over 9,000 email registrations expressing your interest in Unity, and we can’t be any happier. Originally, we planned to launch the app at a reasonable price of $2.99 , however, after seeing your awesome support for Manga Rock Unity, we have decided to launch the app at ONLY $0.99 DURING THE FIRST 3 DAYS under JUST ONE CONDITION:

★★★ We receive 1,000 more registration emails! ★★★

So REGISTER and LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW about Manga Rock Unity and this special promotion !



7 thoughts on “Manga Rock Unity: available 18th December!

  1. Will Manga Rock Unity work on an iphone or touch. Since it combines both mangable and mangafox it would be awesome if this app worked for the other apple devices as well. Sadly manga rock mangafox still has issues with the load time and with some chapters being blank with no images being uploaded for whole chapters.

  2. That’s not quite right. The Unity should also be applicable for iPhone4 as well.
    Although it goes without saying that viewing mangas would still be best on the iPad.

  3. So, I just bought the App itself for 99 cents, yet there is still less than 1000 registrations, was the deal on the in app purchases (true otaku/manga fan) or on the app itself?

  4. Hi,

    The Unity is great except its lacking of featuring what’s already in the MangaRock Iphone version, It doesn’t have counter of how many updates of favorite manga.

    Also I found some bugs — I noticed when reading and it doesn’t bookmark the last chapter I’m reading, It always goes back more chapter backward not the last chapter.

    When I’m start reading on my iPad it doesn’t have ways of exiting it except at the end of the chapter or pressing home, Which is actually annoying.

    Last, If possible would like to request feature to sort latest first specially for downloaded manga since I’m not reading from start to end, usually read the latest manga.

    Overall its very great apps both the iPhone and iPad version, Already recommend it to some few of my friends who loves reading manga. It’s nice also for me reading manga when taking MRT or BUS so hopefully this can be fixed (iPad), I prefer reading on big screen.


  5. Since I already bought the app for iPad will i have to purchase another copy for the iPhone? Will the app be universal?

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