Manga Rock Unity 2.0 is now available for download!



As promised, Manga Rock Unity 2.0 is available on the iTunes App Store.

So… what are you waiting for, folks? Download the app now:

Also, Komik Connect 1.1 is going great. All the bugs have been fixed. We will implement a new UI design as well. Version 1.1 will be sleeker, faster and more stable. We expect to release it in the beginning of June.

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16 thoughts on “Manga Rock Unity 2.0 is now available for download!

  1. Edit: Sorry you have to refresh the page for the Naruto/Bleach to show up. Sorry my bad. Loving this app now! Glad I bought this

  2. Great to the release of Unity 2.0, but the fact it lost all my favourites and existing downloads as part of the upgrade was pretty uncool. I have a feeling I’m still missing something from my favorites even after trying to remember them all.

  3. Great update, i finally can read I”s :D

    Btw why the tab with all the mangas together gone?

  4. this didnt let me download and now its whiped all of my downloads and favourites and all the mangas arent showing up in the a-z wondering how to get it back to normal

  5. Why you not included archived folder like you did in MR and MFMR?
    Great, I have to download all manga AGAIN from scratch now.
    Fortunately, I already records all titles I have been download so far.

  6. The automatic pop-up is quite annoying, especially since I don’t own an iPad and therefore cannot even buy it. Please remove it because it appears everytime I refresh.

  7. I hate this update, my downloads usually finished overnight but now it’s just hanging there! So slow! What happened?

  8. It seems this version is rather buggy.
    I get random crashes when trying to refresh incomplete page-downloads, so I have to redownload the entire chapter instead.
    It also seems as if the app no longer remebers my reading direction and keeps reseting it :o(

  9. I’m having an issue where the manga in the library keeps disappearing. For example, let’s say I read Naruto. The next week when the new chapter comes out, I press the “refresh” button. Naruto disappears from the list. Searching for it yields nothing. I’ve tried restarting, turning the iPad on and off and deleting Manga Rock from the background applications. The only solution that works is to delete Manga Rock off the iPad and download the app again. This method sucks because then I have to download all my manga again. I tried checking in the “recent” tab but they were all gone.

  10. I realize that the 2.0 update pretty much resets everything back to square one. This is after the fact.

  11. This app really disappoint me!
    Most manga are not downloadable or readable ( it doesn’t load!)
    Mangable source loads different manga( e.g. 07 ghost is different from the mangable website’s 07 ghost )
    3.99 USD for this type of crap is just wasting my money!

  12. This is always happening my manga keeps disappearing from the list when I refresh I hope they fix this problem soon.

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