Manga Rock Unity 2.0 is here!

UPDATE: For Manga Rock Unity 2.0, we have moved our database to a new server to improve performance and minimize downtime. However, that causes a lot of corruption in the existing app’s data (downloaded, favorited manga), and fixing that would delay the app much longer. Therefore, when you update Manga Rock Unity this time around, all existing data will be lost. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Today, we are very happy to announce the availability of Manga Rock Unity 2.0 on Wednesday, May 25. This time around , it’s all about being bigger and better. Not only have we added a completely new manga source,, we have also fine tuned many small aspects of the app to keep the reading experience enjoyable.

Here’s the full change log:

New manga source added

  • As requested, we decide to add as the third manga source for Manga Rock Unity

Performance enhanced

  • Many aspects of the app has been fine-tuned
  • Populating the manga library is now completed in less than 5s

Categories filter fine-tuned

  • Search manga by completed/ on-going
  • Search manga is now 3x faster than before

Manga search reworked

  • Search now works much faster
  • Search results now appear in the list view below, in consistent with the iPhone version
  • Now you can search by Author too

“Reset Application” button added back

  • Pressing this button will help you to get a fresh app without going through hassle to reinstall it
  • Be careful that this functions will erase everything (Downloaded, Favorite, Recent)

Small UI tweakded

  • We figure out that most of Manga Rock users normally just read the top 100 manga. Thus we make the tab “Popular” as default filter for Library View.

Pricing plan changed

You can now download the app for  a flat $3.99, there will be no longer in-app purchase in Manga Rock Unity.  Before, Manga Rock Unity is Free to download app, with in-app purchase of $3.99. Essentially, you guys pay the same amount, but we feel that the new pricing will help you guys avoid confusion when choosing the right app to use. With both Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF now Universal Binary, they are perfect for people who are content with only one source. For those who want the convenience of multiple sources in one app, Manga Rock Unity is the one you should go for. Think of it as the Lexus of all manga readers ;)

WARNING: if you have downloaded Manga Rock Unity and unlocked it before, and do not want to be charged again, please download it now while it’s still free for download. Then you can update the app without any worry on Wednesday, May 25.

Thanks for support Manga Rock, you guys are the best!

Not A Basement Studio


For those of you who are asking about Komik Connect, please be patient, since we are making sure that the app will rock just like Manga Rock. We will let you know as soon as we have more info.  Thanks a lot for your continued support!




11 thoughts on “Manga Rock Unity 2.0 is here!

  1. Too bad !! i paid for the old manga rock unity but it cannot use and must pay it again in MRU 2.0 ??? in fact, you should provide upgrade available for the one who already purchase MRU !

  2. Hi to developer of manga rock,

    I have sent you a email, but has not been replied yet. Please do check it out. Thank you.

  3. Wait, so I have the paid versions of both Manga Rock and Manga Rock MF. Is this an update for either of these, or is it another app that I have to buy?

  4. This is a great news. I will update my Unity tomorrow. Still, there no backup or synchronize feature in Unity. Honestly, I am worried about my growing manga collection in my iPad and don’t want horrible experience in 1.1 update again.

  5. A question, which one safe to update Unity, through iTunes or through iPad?
    I usually update my app through iTunes cause it’s stability than through wifi hotspot.

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