Manga Rock Unity 1.1 Update is available!

This one is a minor update:

Fixed a bug of the negative disk space usage when total disk space > 2GB

Slight performance tweak

Inclusion of ads in the free version. Ads will be gone after upgrading.

Upgrade and enjoy your manga! Have a good weekend!



4 thoughts on “Manga Rock Unity 1.1 Update is available!

  1. There is a bug in unity. Often when it lists a new chapter it won’t load when I click on it.
    I can read it on the source website but not in the app.

    Could this be fixed please?

    Otherwise I feel that I must change my otherwise very positive review on the AppStore.

  2. I’m also experiencing chapters not loading at all. New chapters of some series (like Claymore 117) are just the first page over and over. Also, there are random crashes.

    The deteriorating condition of the app gives the impression of taking my money and running.

  3. Having same Problems posted by richard, trying to get saint seyia – the lost canvas

    I have also manga rock for iphone. for nurarhyion no mago i see with iphone more chapters available than the ones reported by unity

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