[Manga Rock] The app is now working normally.

In yesterday’s blog post, we detailed an issue that some Manga Rock users encountered due to Mangable.com new server filtering system. Here’s what we have done since then:

What were fixed

We have managed to temporarily fix the problem for now. For those who have not reseted the app, it is now working again using Mangable.com as its source.

For those who have already reseted the app or re-downloaded the app from the App Store, it is now working using Mangareader.net as its source.

What still need to be addressed

“Pull-to-refresh” in the manga catalog is not working, hence your Favorited manga will not show any new chapters. However, you can still receive new manga updates by going to each individual manga and pull-to-refresh there. We have already submitted a hot fix 2.5.1 to Apple to address this issue, we will let you know once the update is approved.

Note: Existing users using Mangable as its source updating to the fix will continue to be using Mangable as its source once you have updated. New users and users who have already reset the app will be using Mangareader.net as its source once you have updated to 2.5.1.

Our advice

Mangareader.net seems to be a better manga source with its stable server, better image quality and most manga in mangable.com and more  are presented. We advise that you do the switch to Mangareader.net now by reseting or re-downloading the app. The downside to this is that you will lose all of your favorited and downloaded manga, but we believe that a better and more stable manga source is better for you in the long run.

We will be moving our source from Mangable.com to Mangareader.net permanently in the 2.6 update. On a side note, Manga Rock MF will continue to be FREE to download until the issue with Manga Rock has been completely resolved. Thank you all for your support and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.





18 thoughts on “[Manga Rock] The app is now working normally.

  1. Yea! I love mangareader more than mangable. Much more variety. Thanks for keeping it as manga rocks source. Love the app. For anyone on the fence about resetting it, yeah ur downloads might be deleted but you gain sooo much more material that it’s worth it. d(>_<)b

  2. I resetted the app and then it stopped working. By not working I mean, no manga can be seen… Not 1 and I purchased the full version :/ it’s saying that I have to re-purchase it… What do I do???

  3. Bummer… A lot of titles I follow are on mangable and not on mangareader :(

    I don’t see the point in owning both apps if they will come from the same source.

  4. I unlocked the full version of the app, and I transfer the app to my Mac. Then I restored my iPhone and added the app back to my iPhone. Now it tells me I have to re-purchase it. I have proof that I purchased it. What do I do?

  5. Hit the upgrade button, and it should ask you for your iTunes credentials. If you purchased the dlc/upgrade iTunes won’t charge you.

  6. Okay when we switched over to this new manga hosting site a LOT of manga is no longer available can you do anything about that?

  7. So I reset the app and now It won’t upload ANY chapters, no matter what I do. All it does is send me to this post. Please fix this.

  8. If you’re afraid of losing your downloaded Manga then just screenshot your “Favorites” and “Downloaded” lists with your iPod/iPhone before resetting. Takes only a few Minutes to make everything as it was before, as long as the stuff is also available on Mangareader.
    (For those who still don’t know about Sreenshots: Simultaneously hit the homebutton and the Powerbutton. There will be a white flash on the sreen and a click sound. You can then find the photo in the photo app)

  9. My downloads on manga rock has stopped working. All downloads either stay on 0% or gets up to 95-97% and stops. I have tried restarting my iPad but doesn’t help. Please help

  10. I have spent 3 dollars to upgrade my manga rock MF in order to read manga offline. But I upgrade my system to ios 5. Is there any way to get it back or I need to buy it again

  11. Im missing the manga battle royale:(
    The worst part is I had it before restoring my device and I needed to switch source…
    battle royale 2 is also on this source but not part 1 please fix this I already emailed but still no solution.

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